Solberg delivered, but on the defense

NEWS ANALYSIS: Prime Minister Erna Solberg could rightly point out this week that her conservative government coalition with the Progress Party has delivered on as much as 75 percent of their campaign promises in 2013. Re-election in September is nonetheless far from guaranteed, since the effects of their reforms aren’t yet being felt and Solberg must constantly remind […]

Opposition loses its lead in the polls

Finance Minister Siv Jensen’s Progress Party and Erna Solberg’s Conservatives have rebounded in the latest public opinion polls, taking back the lead that the Labour and Center parties have claimed earlier this year. Now it’s a close race as they all head into campaign mode ahead of the September parliamentary election. Jensen’s Progress Party gained […]

Dual citizenship wins a nod, but ‘no’ to circumcision

Norway’s Progress Party has become the latest to back dual citizenship, thus creating a majority in the current Parliament in favour of allowing Norwegian citizens to have two passports. The party, meeting for its national meeting over the weekend, also voted to ban circumcision, hijabs in public schools and surrogacy, after heated debate. The voting was close […]

Jensen rallies her shrunken party

Progress Party leader Siv Jensen left no doubt as she opened her party’s annual meeting on Friday that she’s determined to hang on to government power despite polls suggesting that voters are defecting. She offered up a long list of classic party policy in her lengthy opening address, with some new twists that directly challenged her opponents in […]

Parties used May 1 to kick off campaign

Norway’s leftist political parties were out in full force on the May 1st Labour Day holiday, using the beautiful weather and  crowds to mobilize support in advance of the Parliamentary election in September. Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre gave the main speech in Oslo and then led the parade through the city’s streets, walking side-by-side […]

‘Fog lifts’ as Labour turns to the center

Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre fended off criticism during the weekend that he’s been vague and unwilling to take firm stands on important issues. He failed, however,  to quell criticism, also within his own party, that he’s catering far too much to the interests of potential centrist partners in his zeal to become prime minister. Støre […]

Støre blasts Solberg in opening address

Jonas Gahr Støre mounted what some commentators called “frontal attacks” against Erna Solberg’s conservative government coalition when he opened his Labour Party’s annual general meeting on Thursday. Støre wants to take over Solberg’s job, and he declared from the podium that the rival Conservatives and the Progress Party have “taken Norway in the wrong direction.” It […]

‘Catastrophic’ polls as Labour gathers

NEWS ANALYSIS: Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre faced what some commentators, even in the pro-Labour press, were calling “catastrophic” public opinion polls as he gathered 300 party members for their important annual national meeting this weekend. Støre desperately needs to rally his troops and fend off too much compromise if he’s to succeed at becoming […]

Erna’s government losing its majority

NEWS ANALYSIS: Just as Prime Minister Erna Solberg was flying off to Beijing to normalize relations with China this past week, she was met with a torrent of bad political news at home. Now the question is whether her conservative coalition government will survive the September election and still be around to negotiate with the Chinese this […]

SV takes a sharp turn to the left

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s small but resurgent Socialist Left party (SV) has always been on the left side of Norwegian politics, but now it’s getting both more left-wing and environmentally minded than it’s been for years. “Redder and greener” is how media commentators were describing the party, that’s interested in becoming part of a new left-center/red-green government coalition, […]