Anti-hijab hairdresser convicted again

An appeals court in Western Norway upheld a lower court order on Friday in ruling that hairdresser Merete Hodne violated Norway’s anti-discrimination laws for refusing serve Malika Bayan, because Bayan was wearing a hijab.  Newspaper Stavanger Aftenbladet reported that the appeals court, however, reduced Hodne’s fine to NOK 7,000 and she was not ordered to […]

Islamist a ‘changed man’ in court

Norwegian Islamist Ubaydullah Hussain had cut his hair and beard and opted for a checkered shirt and sweater, instead of the traditional conservative Muslim dress he’s worn for years, when he landed back in an Oslo court last week. He would no longer agree to be photographed when he pleaded “not guilty” to the latest charges against him, that […]

Appeals court backs Krekar’s extradition

A Norwegian appeals court has supported a ruling from an Oslo City Court that would allow state officials to extradite Islamic cleric Mullah Krekar to Italy. Officials in Italy want to prosecute Krekar on charges he led a terrorist network in Europe. Krekar’s long-time defense attorney Brynjar Meling has already vowed to appeal once again, to Norway’s Supreme Court. […]

New right-wing party under discussion

Around 20 people including a declared anti-Islamist and other right-wing conservatives gathered recently at the home of a Norwegian investor with the aim of founding a new right-wing political party, reports newspaper Finansavisen. The newspaper reported that among those gathered at the home of investor Mikkel Dobloug in Oslo’s fashionable Frogner district last month was Hege […]

MP for the Liberals hit by hate messages

Abid Raja, an attorney and well-known Member of Parliament for the Liberal Party (Venstre), has become a target of hate messages sent from a mobile phone used by a high-profile member of an extremist Islamic group. The unsigned messages accuse Raja of being “a dirty pig” who’s a “shame” for Pakistanis and Muslims in Norway. It was just […]

Hair salon owner appeals anti-hijab conviction

A hair salon owner in Western Norway who’s been active in anti-Islamic organizations has appealed a local court’s conviction that she illegally refused to serve customers wearing a hijab.  Salon owner Merete Hodne in Bryne, Rogaland County, was convicted of discriminating against customers based on religion and ordered to pay both a fine of NOK 10,0oo […]

Hussain indicted for ISIL recruitment

The Norwegian Islamic extremist Ubaydullah Hussain has been indicted for allegedly having recruited foreign warriors for ISIL forces in Syria. It’s the first time anyone has been indicted for terror recruitment in Norway. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Monday that Hussain, one of Norway’s most well-known Islamic extremists, is suspected of offering advice, buying equipment and providing […]

Mosques face pressure to have more women on boards

Norway has strict laws demanding that women make up at least 40 percent of all boards of directors, but religious organizations are usually exempt. Now, after learning how men dominate the boards of local mosques in Norway, politicians are considering applying the quota rule for those mosques receiving state financial support. “It’s a fundamental value […]

Mosques threaten to withdraw from Islamic Council

Two of the largest mosques in Oslo say they’ll withdraw their membership in Norway’s Islamic Council unless a new board for the council can be elected this summer. At issue are conflicts involving the council’s administration and board. The trouble rose when the board of the council (Islamsk Råd Norge, IRN) wanted to fire its high-profile secretary […]

Islamic extremist still in jail

Ubaydullah Hussain, charged with recruiting foreign warriors for jihad in the Middle East, has been ordered held in custody for another eight weeks. A court in Oslo granted a prosecutor’s request that he remain in jail, because of the risk that he’d continue recruiting if set free. Hussain has been held in remand custody since December […]