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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Police escort for princess' daughter

She’s not a princess herself, but six-year-old Maud Angelica Behn will have a police escort when driven every day to her new school. The young Behn is the daughter of Princess Martha Louise, who has been the target of threats.

The little girl started school this week, reports newspaper Aftenposten , and her parents chose a private school that involves nearly a 30-kilometer round trip from the family home in Lommedalen, a valley west of Oslo. Maud Angelica Behn was enrolled at Steinerskolen in Bærum, known for its alternative approach to education.

The head of the royal police escort unit, Derek Strøm-Normann, confirmed that the police will take responsibility for Maud Angelica Behn’s security. Aftenposten reported that she will receive daily police protection based on an evaluation of security needs. Strøm-Normann declined to offer details of the security arrangements.

For many years, notes Aftenposten , Princess Martha Louise has been the member of Norway’s royal family who has attracted the most concrete threats. Her own family therefore receives a high degree of police protection.

Reporters were unwelcome on Behn’s first day of school, and while her parents have been known to seek publicity when it suits their interests, they have actively tried to prevent photographs of their family when they’re not taken under controlled circumstances.

It’s been unusually quiet around the princess and her author husband Ari Behn since helaunched a high-profile campaignlast winter against a former palace official who has spoken critically of the royal family. A barrage of publicity around the princess’ so-called “angel school,” which she launched to help people get in touch with their own angels, has tapered off.

The princess, meanwhile, is expected to release a new book this fall and likely will seek publicity for it, on her terms.



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