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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Princess cashing in on angels again

Norway’s Princess Martha Louise has popped up in most Norwegian papers, been on national radio and appeared on TV talk shows lately. She’s back on the promotional circuit again, using her royal title as she presents her latest book on how to communicate with angels.

The princess herself claims she just wants to “share” her own special ability to contact her angels and define the aura that she claims everyone has. The title of her book, written with business partner Elisabeth Samnøy and retailing for around USD 60 a copy, is Møt din skytsengel (Meet your guardian angel) .

“This is all about having an honest meeting with yourself,” the daughter of King Harald V told NRK Radio earlier in the week. She firmly believes everyone has angels flying around them, and that individuals’ auras are an important part of the energy they transmit.

She won’t say what her father and mother (Queen Sonja) think about her theories and her business. Nor would she comment on claims made by her husband, author Ari Behn, that he suffers depression and is in an “impossible” position as author and royal son-in-law.Asked whether contact with angels and auras could help Ari Behn, though, she said “it can help everyone.”

Martha Louise and Samnøy made an appearance on the most popular talk show in Scandinavia Friday night, hosted by Norwegian Fredrik Skavlan but produced by Swedish Television and broadcast simultaneously in Norway and Sweden. Even though she had to give up her “royal highness” title when she married Behn, she made it clear on the show that she’s making the most of still being a princess and referred to her career as “the princess business.”

She freely uses her princess-title to promote her books and Astarte Education, otherwise known as the “angel school” that advises clients on healing, spirituality and how to contact their own angels.”People can say what they want about the words (like angels and auras and crystals and energy dimensions),” she said. “But what’s really fine, is if they can manage to see beyond them.

“It’s not so mystical,” she adds, comparing energy and auras generated by people to that coming off a light bulb. “The physical bodies we have can’t live without energy.”

She earlier had instructed a reporter from weekly magazine A-Magasinet to find her own aura by rubbing her hands together quickly and then extending them. When the reporter felt a prickliness, warmth, cold or resistance, it should be her aura, according to Martha Louise.

Princess Martha Louise claims that she used to get irritated when she felt people got too close to her, that they violated her space. Now she thinks that was simply because her aura was extended too far from her body. “When I learned to hold my aura within 30 to 50 centimeters from my body, where it’s natural to have it, the feeling of being invaded by others disappeared,” she writes in her book. She says she still “checks her aura” if she feels uncertain.

Awareness of one’s own aura and angels can also help people offset the endless distractions of everyday life, get to know themselves better and give themselves a better sense “of the here and now,” claims Martha Louise.

She told A-Magasinet she’s prepared for more public debate on her beliefs, but also told NRK that she thinks the reaction to her latest book has been much quieter than that two years ago when her angel venture first became known. She won’t say whether either King Harald or Queen Sonja has read her book, or what effect her venture may have on the monarchy, which recently became a matter of public debate once again.

As for using her royal title, she won’t give it up and said she will continue to use it in her commercial ventures because it’s what she’s called.



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