Christian Democrats deeply split

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Deputy party leader Inger Lise Hansen (photo) set off a wave of discontent that hasn’t crested yet.

Norway’s Christian Democratic party (Kristelig Folkeparti, KrF), now just a shadow of its former self, had to swallow another dismal public opinion poll this week, showing support dangerously close to the level needed to retain representation in Parliament.

Newspaper Aftenposten, meanwhile, conducted a poll of party members that revealed almost an even split among those supporting party leader Dagfinn Høybråten and those not sure whether he should carry on.

The Christian Democrats were also almost evenly split on the important issues of whether party officials should be compelled to declare themselves Christian and whether the party should be more critical of Israel.

Fully 68 percent said the party should not support gay marriage, among liberal reforms suggested by deputy leader Inger Lise Hansen (photo) that have set off great internal controversy. Only 36 percent think she should continue as a leader, while 24 percent said she shouldn’t and 40 percent weren’t sure.

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