Chef won silver in Geneva

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A Norwegian chef won second place in the prestigious Bocuse d’Or Europe, the European qualifier for the so-called “World Championships” in culinary circles, Bocuse d’Or.

Gunnar Hvarnes, who works for the Gastronomic Institute in Stavanger, took the silver medal for his menu featuring crispy halibut, quail eggs and veal filet with duck liver. The 33-year-old chef was assisted by Filip Bendi, reports newspaper Aftenposten, and they worked for five hours to create their special meal.

Hvarnes, from Larvik on Norway’s southern coast, has worked at several restaurants in Norway and was named “Cook of the Year” in 2009. He’s also been captain of the Norwegian national cooking team at various competitions.

His offerings were second only to Rasmus Koefoed of Denmark, with 20 chefs taking part. Now Hvarnes has secured himself a spot in the Bocuse d’Or, which will take place in Lyon in January.

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