Pedophile ‘Pocket Man’ appeals sentence

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A 58-year-old Norwegian known as the “Pocket Man” has decided to appeal his recent conviction for assaulting numerous young boys over a period of many years.

Erik Andersen, a successful businessman from Bergen, was the target of one of the largest police manhunts in Norwegian history. He was charged with 68 sexual assaults against 66 young boys, along with violations of weapons laws.

Andersen admitted to several of the assaults but denied others. He was sentenced to nine years in protective custody with a minimum term of time actually served of six years. The sentence, known as forvaring, was considered severe by Norwegian standards, because it’s subject to re-evaluation and could amount to a life sentence.

Prosecutors said Andersen’s appeal will mean more trauma for the boys, now young men, who were his victims, since they’ll face having to re-live the assaults in court once again.

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