Ferry fire linked to battery charging

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A fire on board one of the DFDS cruise ferries from Oslo to Copenhagen this week has been linked to the recharging of a battery on an electric car that had been driven on board the vessel. DFDS has banned all such recharging until results of an investigation into the cause of the fire are known.

The fire broke out on the vehicle deck of the cruise-ferry vessel Pearl of Scandinavia early Wednesday morning. Around 550 passengers were evacuated from their cabins at 6am and assembled on the vessel’s top decks, while emergency crews extinguished the blaze that damaged two cars and one truck.

An initial probe has pointed to a technical error in a modified electric car that had been driven on board by a ferry passenger. The electric car’s battery was being re-charged during the voyage when it caught fire, reports news bureau NTB.

The car’s owner reportedly claims he had plugged in the battery to an electric outlet on the vessel, using a cord he’d bought in Norway. The fire has disrupted ferry service for DFDS during the run-up to the Christmas holiday, one of the busiest periods of the year.

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