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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Nesbø book to be Scorsese film

The good times just keep rolling for Norwegian author Jo Nesbø, whose crime novels keep ringing up more sales internationally. Now his seventh book featuring policeman Harry Hole will be made into a film directed by none other than Martin Scorsese.

Jo Nesbø has gone from one success to another this year. Now his crime novel Snømannen will be made into a film by Martin Scorsese. PHOTO: Hakon Eikesdal

Nesbø himself says he never really wanted his books to be made into movies, fearing they just wouldn’t come out right. “But I’ve always said that if Martin Scorsese calls, I’d re-evaluate my position.” Nesbø joked to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on Friday. “That’s what I’ve done now.”

The Academy Award-winning Sc0rsese plans to make a film out of the crime novel Snømannen (The Snowman), which came out in English in the US this year and won rave reviews. Nesbø says it’s his personal favorite of the Harry Hole books he’s written, and others clearly liked it too, with offers coming in quickly to buy its film rights.

Nesbø has turned down earlier such requests. “I couldn’t accept that I had to go along with deciding who would direct the film,” he told NRK. When he was asked to sell the rights to Snømannen, though, Nesbø offered a list of five directors with Martin Scorsese’s name at the top.

“He’s my favorite director,” Nesbø said. “He goes so deep into the characters, regarding shame, guilt and moral dilemmas. And his films are action-packed.” Nesbø admitted that he stole a film poster for Scorsese’s film Taxi Driver that he hung up over his bed when he was a young student. “So Martin Scorsese and I have spent many nights together,” Nesbø said with a smile.

He rationalizes his decision to allow the filming of Snømannen by saying “I have now given up a story that will only be the raw material for another storyteller.” He stressed that “Scorsese is the filmmaker and film is something different that books. He will have the artistic freedom to tell the story himself.”

Nesbø said he won’t involve himself in the film’s production and has no strong opinions on who should play the character of Harry Hole. “The only obligation Scorsese has to me, is that he make a damn good film,” Nesbø said.

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