Actor claims Breivik ‘must be portrayed’

Anders Danielsen Lie, the Norwegian actor who portrays mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik in the lastest film about Breivik’s terrorist attacks in 2011, had some clear thoughts on why he accepted the role. Lie thinks it would be wrong to ignore Breivik and refuse to discuss what he did on the island of Utøya seven […]

Acclaimed film wins Oscar candidacy

A highly acclaimed Norwegian film that reveals culture clashes and social control within Norway’s Pakistani community has been selected as Norway’s candidate for Best Foreign Language Film at the next Academy Awards ceremony in the US. The film Hva vil folk si? (What will people say?) was voted as most likely to do well in […]

Earthquake film’s premiere broke records

Last weekend’s premiere of the new disaster film Skjelvet drew the largest crowds to Norwegian cinemas so far this year. Producer Martin Sundland at Fantefilm claimed he and his colleagues were extremely satisfied. Fully 154,109 people bought tickets to see the film, which depicts a major earthquake hitting Oslo and causing massive destruction. The film […]

Latest disaster film shakes up geologists

Norwegians were streaming to cinemas all over the country this weekend, to see the latest film about a natural disaster on home turf in Oslo. It’s shaking up both them and local geologists, who disagree over whether there’s a real threat of a massive earthquake in a country that has never had one, but does have […]

Culture clash film swept awards show

A popular and highly acclaimed film about a girl living a double life in Oslo as the obedient daughter in a Pakistani-Norwegian family and a normal Norwegian teenager won four prizes at the annual Amanda awards ceremony in Haugesund, Norway’s equivalent of the Oscars. Director Iram Haq has been on a roll herself, also winning […]

Film premiers where it was shot

Tourism promoters in Rogaland County continue to go to great lengths, and heights, to drum up publicity for their local landmark known as Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). Now they’ve flown in international journalists apparently willing to have their expenses paid, in the hopes of getting more coverage of the mountaintop where an action scene from the […]

Premier of film shot on Preikestolen sells out

It only took 20 minutes for all 1,500 tickets to the Norwegian premier of the new Mission: Impossible film to sell out. The premier on August 1  will be shown outdoors, atop the mountain called Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) where scenes from the film were shot. “It will be a special experience, I can guarantee that,” […]

Preikestolen hits the silver screen

Local authorities in Forsand, Rogaland County, went to great lengths to allow the makers of the new Mission: Impossible film to use Norway’s popular rocky mountaintop known as Preikestolen as a setting. It ended up with just four minutes in the new film that premieres in Norway on August 3, but Forsand Mayor Bjarte Dagestad […]

Series wins two prizes in Cannes

NRK’s new drama series about how the oil industry changed Norway won two prizes when it debuted this week at the new International Series Festival in Cannes. Its cast and producers were celebrating. The series, called Lykkeland/State of Happiness, was one of 10 series chosen from 130 entries to be shown at the festival in […]

Oil industry drama debuts in Cannes

A new dramatic version of how Norway’s oil industry began was making its debut on Tuesday at the first Cannes International Series Festival. The new Norwegian series is the biggest TV drama ever produced in Norway, based on events that also changed the nation forever. Called Lykkeland (State of Happiness for its foreign audience), the series starts […]