More compensation for victims of violence

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All the political parties in the Norwegian Parliament support the payment of higher compensation for victims of violence, and have approved both raising limits on amounts paid out and more resources for streamlining the process.

The parliament’s justice committee expects as many as 4,000 applications from victims of the July 22 terrorist attacks in Norway. Maximum amounts to be paid will be raised from NOK 3.2 million to NOK 4.7 million, with the state picking up the bill.

“For us, it’s been important to address the interests of the July 22nd victims in a good way,” Akhtar Chaudhry, a member of the justice committee for the Socialist Left party (SV), told news bureau NTB. “They have been victims of Norwegian history’s worst attacks and we will take care of them.”

Victims of all forms of violence, however, will benefit from the higher compensation levels. Efforts will also be made to boost staffing in the state office handling compensation claims (Kontoret for voldsoffererstatning).

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