Court halts July 22 memorial project

Construction of a national memorial to the victims of a Norwegian right-wing extremist’s massacre on the island of Utøya nine years ago has been distrupted once again. A local court ordered a halt in all work on the memorial project, until its neighbours’ complaints are heard. The project finally got underway on the Utøya pier […]

Utøya memorial finally underway

Construction began Monday on a highly disputed memorial to honour the victims of a right-wing extremist’s massacre on the island of Utøya in 2011. Nine years later, emotions and tempers are still running high. After several proposals and failed attempts to win support for them, the government finally settled on a toned-down memorial to be […]

Picasso’s art saved before Y-blokka razed

Construction crews were proceeding this week with the complicated job of removing two huge sandblasted pieces of Pablo Picasso’s art from the concrete walls of the so-called Y-blokka in Oslo. The Y-shaped building is due to be torn down after it was damaged in a right-wing terrorist’s bombing of Norway’s government complex nine years ago. […]

Questions linger at hug-free memorials

NEWS ANALYSIS: It’s been nine years since a young Norwegian man set off an unprecedented wave of right-wing extremist terror in his homeland and killed 77 people, most of them younger than himself. The Corona crisis has curtailed annual July 22 memorial ceremonies this year but survivors and victims’ families won’t ever forget the terror, […]

Norway comes to grips with racism

NEWS ANALYSIS: After weeks of demonstrations, news stories, and personal accounts of discrimination, Norwegians are coming to grips with racism in their otherwise egalitarian society. Prime Minister Erna Solberg, criticized for initial silence over police brutality in the US against George Floyd, has been speaking out again, too. “After the police violence that led to […]

Racist attacks draw toughest jail term

UPDATED: A court in suburban Oslo handed down Norway’s strictest punishment on Thursday to a young Norwegian man who murdered his Chinese-born adopted sister last summer and then tried to massacre Muslims at a local mosque. He defended himself by claiming that he had to carry out his deadly attacks in order to save the white […]

Utøya neighbours still fighting memorial

Residents living near the island of Utøya, where a right-wing gunman massacred 69 young Labour Party members on July 22, 2011, have once again resorted to legal action to block construction of a memorial to the victims in their neighbourhood. They don’t want more reminders of the massacre, or a constant stream of visitors to […]

Preparedness was ‘not a real priority’

NEWS ANALYSIS: Does it take a crisis to get political leaders to respond to looming threats? Yes, according to two Norwegian academics who have analyzed 233,000 speeches in Parliament over the past 21 years. They only found 81 mentions of the word “pandemic,” just as an investigation into how the current government has addressed the […]

‘Y-blokka’ fans may drop lawsuit

Protesters who’ve been trying to preserve the damaged government office building known as “Y-blokka” say they’re evaluating any further legal action, after the Oslo County Court ruled against them and cleared the way for it to be town down. “Spirits are low, we have to decide what we’re going to do now,” Gisle Løkken, president […]

NATO chief also working from home

NATO’s secretary general Jens Stoltenberg has first-hand experience in dealing with a crisis that forced him out of his office. Now he’s been working from home again along with millions of others all over the world, tackling an attack not from a terrorist this time but from a virus. “My life is affected like everyone […]