Hijacker charged with attempted murder

UPDATED: Drama played out on the streets of Oslo Tuesday after a 32-year-old Norwegian man crashed his car and then hijacked an ambulance in the city’s Torshov district. The hijacker then intentionally tried to run down several people and a baby carriage before police shot at its tires and made an arrest.  State broadcaster NRK […]

16 arrests as Oslo tackles violence

Police, state and city officials moved fast after an unusual spike in random violence on the streets of Oslo. Most of those behind the violence appear to be disillusioned young men, some of them on drugs, who use social media to coordinate attacks and then brag about them. “They post reports that they’ve beaten (victims), […]

Supreme Court boosts Islamist’s jail terms for threats

Norway’s Supreme Court has sentenced Islamic extremist Mohyeldeen Mohammad to two years and six months in prison for threatening the Liberal Party’s Member of Parliament Abid Raja. Mohammad’s appeal to the high court backfired, leaving him with a jail term that’s three months longer than what he’d been sentenced to by an appeals court. Mohammad, […]

Politicians react to weekend violence

Oslo police logged more than 20 incidents of street violence in Oslo during the weekend, and that was topping the agenda of an already-planned high-level meeting on youth crime. Several of the incidents appeared to be unprovoked attacks on random victims in the Nowegian capital. Police reported late Sunday that they’d arrested five suspects after a […]

Security tightened at business school

The Oslo campus of the Norwegian Business School BI beefed up security this week, after receiving threats against members of its own management. The threats came in the form of anonymous emails that named the targets. A school spokesman told newspaper VG on Wednesday that “named individuals in BI’s management group had received anonymous and […]

White supremacist still in isolation

He complained in court on Monday that it was “boring” to sit in jail in full isolation. A court in Oslo nonetheless ordered that’s where the young Norwegian white supremacist, who murdered his Chinese-born step-sister and then fired shots inside a local mosque, will remain, at least for another two weeks. Then his isolation may […]

Norwegians bemoan shooting in US

The gun culture in the US struck Norwegians at home on Friday, after hearing news that a 37-year-old Norwegian man was shot and killed by his own American father-in-law, who reportedly mistook him for an intruder. At least one high-profile Norwegian defense attorney objected to how the American was quickly excused. “This is just proof […]

Step-sister killed because she was Asian

An autopsy into the death of 17-year-old Johanne Zhanglia Ihle-Hansen in Bærum last month has concluded that she was killed with two shots to her head and two to her chest. Her step-brother, 21-year-old terror defendant Philip Manshaus, is charged with her murder, which police now confirm was motivated by her Chinese ethnicity. “We have […]

Progress Party MP faces jail term

Mazyar Keshvari, a Member of Parliament for the Progress Party, has now admitted to submitting false travel expense claims amounting to NOK 450,000. Keshvari faces up to six years in jail, and isn’t the only MP currently under investigation for serious fraud. Newspaper Aftenposten broke the news last autumn, after examing the travel expenses of […]

Men convicted for expressing hatred

Two cases of expressing hatred have ended in convictions and even a jail term for the men involved. Norway is cracking down on the hatred generally carried out by white Norwegian men, on the grounds it’s not covered by the country’s constitutional freedom of expression. Newspaper Aftenposten reported this week that a 60-year-old Norwegian man […]