Three held after Sola murder-kidnapping

Police in Sola, just south of Stavanger, had three men in custody on Thursday, charged with the apparent abduction and murder of a 44-year-old man whose body was found on a local beach Monday afternoon. Two of them have admitted to being involved in his murder while the third denies all charges. State broadcaster NRK […]

PST confirms Danish terror connection

Norway’s domestic police intelligence agency PST has confirmed that a young Norwegian man charged with terrorism in Norway has had contact with one or more of those arrested in a major crackdown on an alleged terrorist network in Denmark. Danish police claim a terrorist attack was in the planning stages. “I can confirm that there […]

Court rejects Krekar’s appeal

Time may be running out for Mullah Krekar, Norway’s most troublesome and expensive refugee. An appeals court has refused to hear his objections to a lower court’s verdict that can clear the way for his extradition to Italy, where he’s been sentenced to 12 years in prison for terrorist activity. After nearly 30 years in […]

Teenage murderer faces long jail term

An appeals court in Western Norway has sharpened the prison term for a now-19-year-old man convicted of killing 13-year-old Sunniva Ødegård with a hammer in the small town of Varhaug last year. The court found that the defendant “hasn’t recognized the seriousness of his acts” and poses a threat to other children. Newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad […]

Armed, uniformed man arrested at school

Police in Trondheim arrested a young Norwegian man in an armed operation at a local high school on Wednesday. The man, who turned out to be former student, was dressed in military camouflage and carrying ammunition and a knife. Alarms rang just before noon, when state broadcaster NRK reported that police had received a call […]

Hundreds gather to mourn family’s tragedy

UPDATED: More than 1,500 people gathered in a central square in Tromsø Sunday afternoon, for a torchlit memorial to the four Tromsø residents who had to be pulled out of the icy sea a week earlier. Only one little girl, age 18 months, survived, and on Monday her condition improved. The fatal incident is being […]

Immigrant tragedy deepens

The four-year-old daughter of an immigrant woman from Sudan died Thursday night after three days of intensive care at Norway’s national hospital in Oslo. She was among the three children of the woman who’s believed to have drowned herself while taking her young daughters with her into icy waters off Tromsø. The woman and her […]

First head rolls in the NAV scandal

A massive scandal within Norway’s state welfare agency NAV has already claimed thousands of victims. Now it’s spreading within NAV’s own ranks, with the director of welfare benefits resigning her post at the end of this week, and leaders admitting that public confidence in the agency has been severely weakened. Management at NAV, which administers […]

Immigrant tragedy unfolds in Tromsø

Police in Tromsø are investigating what now appears to be a murder-suicide involving a young immigrant mother and her three children. She’s suspected of leading them all into the icy waters surrounding the island city in Northern Norway Monday evening, killing herself and one seven-year-old daugher while her two other children were critically injured. The […]

More arrests for king crab crime

Police have conducted more raids against a criminal network suspected of illegally trapping king crab and selling the crabs nationwide. The network is believed to have generated tens of millions of kroner in illegal revenues. Several locations in eastern Finnmark were targeted between Thursday evening and Friday morning. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Friday that several […]