Errant MP faces police charges

Hege Haukeland Liadal, a Member of Parliament (MP) for the Labour Party since 2013, is now facing police charges after she admitted to repeatedly turning in travel expense compensation claims for trips she never took. The Parliament’s administration had to wait to question her until she’d returned this week from a trip to Qatar. Newspaper […]

Majorstua murder suspect held at Ila

A 20-year-old Swedish man, charged with both a robbery and the murder of a young Norwegian in Oslo last fall, was finally extradited from France this week were he’d been arrested while on the run. The Oslo County Court ordered him held at Norway’s high-security Ila Prison pending trial later this year. Makaveli Lindén was […]

Parliament tightens up expense filings

The Norwegian Parliament’s honour system for filing travel expense compensation claims hasn’t been working. Now the Parliament’s president will impose stricter rules and routines for how Members of Parliament seek reimbursement. Norway’s elected MPs have been viewed as only being answerable to their voters. That has allowed them to file expense reports and obtain compensation […]

Another MP claims fictitious expenses

Norwegian voters’ confidence in their elected Members of Parliament was hit by another jolt on Wednesday. Now it’s an MP from the Labour Party who’s been caught delivering fictitious travel expense reports and receiving unwarranted compensation from taxpayers. Newspaper Aftenposten has been examining MPs’ expense accounts and travel reports for the past six months, and […]

Robbers resort to matchsticks

Police in Porsgrunn, southwest of Oslo, think local bands of burglars are casing out homes to check for long-term absence with the help of matchsticks. With the Easter holidays looming next week, homeowners are urged to take precautions. Several living in a Porgsrunn neighbourhood discovered pieces of matchsticks propped into their doorjams or window casings. […]

Man held after biting ticket inspector

Police in Oslo had another drama on their hands during the night, and in one of the capital’s most popular residential neighbourhoods. It all started after a man attacked a ticket inspector on board a city tram, and bit him. The bizarre attack took place as one of the trams was making its way through […]

Stabbing and shooting in Oslo

Police in Oslo had a busy weekend dealing with some unusually violent episodes in the Norwegian capital. Suspects were in custody after both a late-night random stabbing attack and a robbery at gunpoint followed by shooting on an otherwise quiet residential street. A woman in her 20s was recovering at Ullevål University Hospital on Monday […]

Father charged with up to 50 assaults

Sexual assault charges brought against a Norwegian man in his 40s from Trondheim can involve as many as 50 young victims, police announced at a press conference on Thursday. The man has children himself, along with three prior convictions. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that the new charges involve purchasing sexual services (illegal in Norway), sexual […]

Justice minister decides to resign

UPDATED: Norwegian Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara felt compelled to resign his top government post on Thursday, after the country’s police intelligence agency PST expanded an ongoing case against his own live-in partner. PST now thinks she’s behind all the threats lodged against the couples’ home in Oslo since December, and that she sent a […]

Tourists steal nails from stave churches

Norway’s carefully preserved stave churches have survived for centuries but face threats from thoughtless tourists. The caretaker for one of them in Telemark has found small holes in the wooden walls where nails used to be, taken by tourists who’ve helped themselves to a souvenir. “The tourists want to take something with them from a […]