‘Family tragedy’ unfolds in Lørenskog

Police in Lørenskog, northeast of Oslo, have decided to charge a woman in her 30s with murdering her two children and then attempting to kill herself as well. She survived the alleged murder-suicide attempt in what police were calling “a family tragedy.” Emergency services were first called to the family’s home early Sunday morning after […]

Ryanair drama landed in Oslo

UPDATED: A Ryanair flight from London to Oslo Friday afternoon ended up with a fighter jet escort and Norwegian police storming on board in a dramatic response to a bomb threat. Police quickly arrested a 51-year-old British citizen who was on the flight, but later released him. All 142 passengers on board, meanwhile, experienced a […]

Stabbings set off a terror response

UPDATED: Norway’s emergency services responded in force late Tuesday night, after three women were stabbed in three separate locations in the southern city of Sarpsborg. Police arrested a 31-year-old man who was being held in custody at local hospital Wednesday night, believed to be mentally unstable. He’s charged with stabbing all three women, one of […]

Sandefjord mayor target of arson

Police in the coastal city of Sandefjord were quick to confirm that someone tried to set fire to the home of the city’s long-time mayor, Bjørn Ole Gleditsch of the Conservative Party, during the weekend. An investigation is underway. Gleditsch himself had arrived home in a taxi late Saturday night to discover flames along one […]

Au pair abusers can be banned

Among new laws and regulations taking effect in Norway from July 1st is a measure aimed at protecting au pair from exploitation and abuse. Families found to have used their au pair merely as overworked and underpaid domestic help, for example, can be banned from ever taking in au pair again. News bureau NTB reported this […]

Police investigate double homicide

A man and a woman were found murdered in a residential building in Stvanger during the night. A third man at the scene was arrested and charged with both murders, with police confirming that he had “a long-term relationship” to the woman. Police wouldn’t reveal many details of the double homicide at a press conference […]

Bird cruelty case spurs reward offer

Norway’s animal rights organization NOAH was so shocked after a seagull was found literally glued to a sidewalk in Sortland in Northern Norway over the weekend that it’s offering a reward for tips leading to the arrest of those responsible. “We fear the case will just be shelved if we don’t get tips from the […]

Racist attacks draw toughest jail term

UPDATED: A court in suburban Oslo handed down Norway’s strictest punishment on Thursday to a young Norwegian man who murdered his Chinese-born adopted sister last summer and then tried to massacre Muslims at a local mosque. He defended himself by claiming that he had to carry out his deadly attacks in order to save the white […]

Daylight stabbing shocks witnesses

Norway’s coastal city of Haugesund was stunned this week by a brutal and bloody attack in broad daylight on a busy downtown street Tuesday. Local shopkeepers and passersby rushed to the victim’s aid, but then his assailant came back to stab him some more. “It was an absolute bloodbath, it was a terrible sight,” Ina […]

Woman robbed and held hostage

Police in the popular coastal town of Kragerø were seeking tips from the public on Monday after a local woman was robbed by two armed men in her own home on Sunday evening and then taken hostage. That set off a car chase and what police called some “dramatic” arrests, in which one of the […]