Teenager convicted of murder

An 18-year-old man has been sentenced to 13 years in prison under special terms that can keep him in custody for much longer to protect the public. He’s convicted of having stabbed a 16-year-old girl to death in Vinstra in October 2018. The Eidsivating appeals court found the defendant guilty of having killed Laura Iris […]

Police struggle with murder-kidnapping case

Crime experts think police in Lørenskog northeast of Oslo are struggling with their investigation into the disappearance of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, wife of billionaire Tom Hagen in October 2018. He was charged, arrested and held in custody for 10 days but has since been released, as has a 32-year-old man arrested late last week. Norway’s Supreme […]

High court allows suspect’s release

UPDATED: The drama around billionaire murder suspect Tom Hagen rose yet again on Friday, when Norway’s Supreme Court allowed his release from police custody. Police, meanwhile, arrested a second suspect earlier in the day and also charged him with the murder or contributing to the murder of Hagen’s missing wife Anne-Elisabeth Hagen. The 70-year-old Tom […]

Youth violence on the rise in Oslo

Police in Oslo are reporting a spike in violence among young Norwegians in the capital, carried out by gangs and less-organized groups of troublesome teenage boys. Attacks included 20 stabbings between March 20 and May 1st. “There’s a great willingness and ability to carry out attacks,” Tore Soldal of the Oslo Police District, told newspaper […]

Hate crimes double against Muslims

A young white supremacist’s attack on a mosque in Bærum last year came amidst an alarming rise in the number of hate crimes against Muslims in recent years. As the mosque assailant’s trial started on Thursday, newspaper Aftenposten wrote how attacks on Muslims in Noway have doubled since 2016, and that only covers attacks reported […]

Father sentenced for ‘executing’ his son

The local court in Gjøvik sentenced a 45-year-old father to 20 years in prison for sexually assaulting and then killing his adopted teenage son, in what the court described as resembling “a pure execution.” The man accepted his prison term and won’t file an appeal. Oscar André Ocampo Overn was just 15 years old when […]

Murder suspect appeals custody

UPDATED: Tom Hagen, the billionaire Norwegian businessman charged with murdering his wife and making it look like a kidnapping, is appealing a local court’s order that he be held in custody for at least four weeks while police continue their investigation. Hagen strongly denies any involvement in his wife’s disappearance 18 months ago, while his high-profile defense […]

‘Kidnapping’ results in murder charges

UPDATED: Norwegian police carried out what can only be called a sensational arrest Tuesday morning, seizing the wealthy husband of alleged kidnapping victim Anne-Elisabeth Hagen. She disappeared from the couple’s home northeast of Oslo in October 2018, and now her husband Tom Hagen has been charged with her murder. Newspaper VG reported that police used […]

Father admits murdering his son

A 45-year-old Norwegian man admitted in court Tuesday how he had sexually abused his adopted son from Colombia for years, and then both abused and strangled him in the 15-year-old’s own bedroom last fall. The man also confessed to planning the murder the night before, just after his son had finally confided in his mother […]

Three wounded in stabbing attack

Police responded in force early Monday afternoon when calls came in about a stabbing in the Ammerud neighbourhood on Oslo’s east side. They quickly arrested a man in his 30s, after three people were found seriously wounded. “I’ve never seen so many police and ambulances at the same time in the same place,” one witness […]