Graveyard attack turned fatal

A man who first attempted to break into a home in the West Coast city of Haugesund with an axe on Tuesday later attacked a woman in a graveyard shortly thereafter. She died of injuries sustained in the attack and the man was in custody on Wednesday, charged with murder. Both crimes were still under […]

Teenage criminals worry police most

Police have already claimed that juvenile crime, often violent and involving stabbings, was their biggest problem in Oslo last year. It still is, and it’s spreading nationwide, with boys as young as 10 included among the offenders. A fatal stabbing in Bergen over the weekend climaxed a brawl that mostly involved young men. Teenagers also […]

Terror-charged Russian can’t stand trial

A 20-year-old Russian who stabbed a woman in an Oslo grocery last month has been declared too mentally ill to stand trial, at least for now. His defense attorney said he’s been diagnosed as suffering from a form of psychosis. “After a preliminary examination, the court-appointed psychiatrist believes he was in a state of psychosis […]

Kidnappers offer to prove Hagen is alive

Criminals claiming to have abducted the wife of a wealthy Norwegian businessman are now offering to prove she’s still alive. The family has had a new round of contact revealed this week. Police and the family of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen are extremely careful with what information they dislose to the media. Police said earlier this week […]

Police release politician from custody

A Progress Party politician charged with raping a woman after the annual meeting of the party’s Rogaland chapter earlier this month has been released from police custody. He has formally denied any criminal guilt and it’s now up to a prosecutor whether he’ll be indicted. The politician, whose identity has not been made public, underwent […]

Kidnappers took contact again

Police announced Monday that there has been new contact between the Hagen family of Lørenskog and those who claim to have kidnapped the family’s matriarch, 68-year-old Anne-Elisabeth Hagen. She disappeared from the home where she lived with her wealthy husband Tom Hagen on October 31. “A new message has arrived, directed at the family and […]

Progress politician charged with rape

A Progress Party politician from Rogaland has been charged with raping a woman in her 20s after a political gathering in Haugesund last weekend. The rape allegedly occurred at a downtown hotel in the West Coast city late Saturday night. Newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad reported on the rape Friday and wrote that there were several other […]

‘Serial fraudster’ finally back in jail

A 49-year-old Norwegian man who escaped from an Oslo prison in 2008 was back behind bars this week, after finally being arrested in Malaysia late last month. Police call him a “serial fraudster” who faces nearly 200 claims of economic crime and theft totaling around NOK 10 million. He has changed his name and appearance […]

Visma: ‘Check your systems constantly’

The Oslo-based technology and financial services firm Visma, which has disclosed a hacker attack on its systems last fall, is urging all companies and organizations to constantly check all their logs and systems for any signs of intrusion. Visma believes that its early discovery of its own intrusion played a critical role in fending off […]

China blamed for hack into Visma

UPDATED: Just days after Norway’s police intelligence agency warned of cyberattacks carried out by hackers in Russia and China, large Norwegian data firm Visma confirmed it had been the target of such an attack. US investigators believe it came from China. The first indication of the attack came September 4,  Oslo-based Visma’s security chief Espen […]