Stabbing murder ‘a very serious case’

Police in Oslo have been releasing more details about a fatal stabbing on Monday that they say has turned into a “very serious case.” Preliminary autopsy reports show the victim was stabbed more than 20 times in his own home during what police think was an attempted burglary that went very wrong. The victim has […]

Norway cut losses in tax evasion scam

Investors and banks reportedly have managed for years to avoid paying tax on dividends in several European countries including Norway. The alleged swindle could have cost Norwegian taxpayers alone as much as NOK 350 million. An investigation conducted by cooperating European media revealed on Thursday that the alleged swindle may have cost several European countries’ […]

MP caught cheating on his expenses

UPDATED: A Member of Parliament for the Progress Party has admitted to submitting fraudulent expense accounts, after newspaper Aftenposten discovered how he had turned in a series of undocumented claims for reimbursement. MP Mazyar Keshvari, who sits on the Parliament’s own disciplinary committee, was himself reported to police on Thursday afternoon for collecting tens of […]

Norwegian charged with assault in Spain

A Norwegian man in his 50s has been jailed in Spain since Thursday, charged with sexual assault against a young woman. The man reportedly had traveled as an escort for a group of partying Norwegian high school students called russ. The so-called russ tours have caused problems in other areas of the Mediterranean, when partying […]

Stabbing tied to robbery same day

Police confirmed on Tuesday that they were investigating whether the fatal stabbing of a man in Oslo’s Majorstua district on Monday was tied to a robbery at knifepoint in the same area early that same morning. A bank employee arriving for work Monday morning was threatened with a knife and robbed of his mobile phone […]

Fatal stabbing in Oslo

A fatal stabbing in Oslo’s Majorstua district set off a massive police response at midday on Monday. Armed police officers were searching for someone who fatally stabbed another person near the Majorstua elementary school. Details remained sketchy but a police spokeswoman stressed that the school was not directly affected by the stabbing. Police haven’t released […]

‘Several’ charged in attack on publisher

Norway’s state police unit Kripos has charged “several” people in connection with the attempted assassination of William Nygaard in 1993. Nygaard headed Oslo publishing firm Aschehoug at the time and the attack was tied to Nygaard’s decision to publish a Norwegian version of Salman Rushdie’s book Satanic Verses. That made Nygaard a target following a fatwa (death […]

More rape victims are seeking help

Just days after the Norwegian Nobel Committee announced a Peace Prize that boosts awareness of sexual violence, comes news that rape remains a major problem in Norway itself. New statistics show a strong increase in the numbers of women seeking help from health centers that receive victims and can secure evidence of their alleged assaults. […]

Failed suicide prompts 16-year jail term

A court in Larvik sentenced a 21-year-old man to 16 years in prison on Friday after his own failed suicide attempt resulted in murder charges. The 21-year-old chose to crash his car into an oncoming car at high speed, killing its driver and badly injurying the other drivers’ family members who were passengers. The court’s […]

Suicide attempt turned into murder case

Attorneys and judges in Telemark have been wrestling with a particularly difficult case of attempted suicide that went very wrong indeed. Now the 21-year-old man who tried to kill himself faces 16 years in prison for driving head-on into another car, killing the father who was driving and seriously injuring other family members as well. […]