Two small quakes rock western Norway

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Residents claimed their houses shook and even that they heard deep, frightening rumbles that lasted for as long as 18 worrisome seconds. Western Norway was hit by two more earthquakes on Saturday, for a total of three in just the past week.

They only had a magnitude of 3.2 and 3.3, minor on an international scale, but enough to catch the attention of geologists and prompt many calls to local police, because earthquakes are far from common in Norway.

“Two quakes coming so close together is unusual,” Kuvvet Arakan, and professor at the University of Bergen told news bureau NTB. One quake had its epicenter southwest of Fedje and hit around 7am, while the second occurred close to Voss, east of Bergen in Hordaland County, at 12:05pm.

The quakes were said to be the strongest in 12 years. There was no damage.

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