‘Monroes’ guitarist dies of cancer

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Eivind Rølles, guitarist for the Norwegian pop duo “The Monroes,” died during the night after a lengthy battle with cancer. He and colleague Lage Fosheim are perhaps best known for their hit song in 1983 “Sunday People,” which also got international air play.

“The sorrow is without words,” Fosheim told newspaper VG. Rølles was 54 years old.

Rølles and Fosheim topped the hit lists and sold 130,000 copies of “Sunday People” in Norway alone, following up their debut record with “Face Another Day,” which sold 250,000 copies. They had another hit with the song “Cheerio” which gained popularity as well with in a later rap version of the song in 2005 by Ravi and DJ løv.

When “The Monroes” disbanded in the mid-1990s, Rølles continued working in the music industry, in management positions at record companies BMG and EMI. He also continued to write songs, including “Somewhere beautiful,” which was performed by Nora Foss Al-Jabri in last year’s Melodi Grand Prix, Norway’s runner-up to the Eurovision Song Contest.

newsinenglish.no staff