More Norwegian lyrics at ‘by:Larm’ festival

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Oslo’s first big music festival of the year, by:Larm, was getting underway on Wednesday with more Norwegian lyrics to be heard as more than 100 artists take the stage. It’s suddenly become more trendy to sing in the local language instead of English, reported state broadcaster NRK.

By:Larm is both a music industry conference and festival that was held for the first time in Trondheim in 1998 and then traveled to other cities. It’s now arranged in Oslo every year and runs this year through March 1, exposing new bands and other performers to record companies, agents and producers.

A total of 111 artists are on the program this year, playing at 12 various locations around the city. They’ll offer a mix of music from pop to rock to electronica, jazz and blues, along with punk, hip hop, reggae, soul and metal.

Band members have said that by:Larm can lead to breakthoughs for new and unestablished bands. One example is Team Me, which was “discovered” during by:Larm two years ago. Team Me was to play again on Thursday. For a complete program, click here (external link to by:Larm’s website). staff