Northug won’t rejoin national team

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Despite a disappointing season, the former golden boy of Norwegian cross country skiing has no plans to rejoin the national team. Petter Northug joined commentators before a football match between Rosenborg and Odd on Sunday, and said he would continue his private sponsorship deal with a major supermarket chain.

Northug said when he begins his training in May, he won’t be expending any energy considering wider options. “I have people around me who take care of that,” he said, reported newspaper Aftenposten. As well as the deal with supermarket Coop, Northug has his own coaches and support staff.

Northug clearly ruled out returning to the national fold. “I’m really thriving in the collaboration with Coop, and now I’m hoping that I get a season where I am fresh from start to finish, so I think we can put other discussions aside.”

Fans urged Northug to return to the team after a poor season. He ended his season early after he failed to medal at the Sochi Olympics and had to drop out of several World Cup races, citing poor physical form. staff