‘Nora’ and ‘Lucas’ most popular names

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Parents in Norway chose the name “Nora” for their baby girls more than any other name last year year, while “Lucas” (or “Lukas”) emerged as the most popular name given to baby boys, according to state statistics bureau SSB.

Fully 434 baby girls were named either “Nora” or “Norah,” while baby boys were named with either variation of Lucas. “Nora” has ranked in the top 10 most popular names since 2000, while Lucas has topped the lists for six of the past seven years.

The next most-popular names for girls were Emma, Sara, Sofie (pronounced like “Sophia” in Norway), Emilie, Anna, Linnea, Thea and Maja. For boys, the most frequently chosen names after Lucas were William, Markus, Emil, Oskar, Mathias, Magnus, Jakob and Aksel.

In Oslo alone, Nora also topped the list for girls, while Mohammad was the most frequently chosen boys’ name. In suburban Bærum, parents favoured Oskar, while Bergen parents like Jakob best. “Magnus” was the most frequently chosen name in both Trondheim and Stavanger.

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