Ski jumpers fly into new championship

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Norway finally won a long-sought victory in ski-flying over the weekend, putting the country bak on top after Austrian domination over the past 10 years.

The gold medals went to the four jumpers making up Norway’s team: Anders Fannemel, Johann André Forfang, Daniel-André Tande and Kenneth Gangnes. They literally flew distances of as much as 219 meters (Gangnes) and were way ahead of their rivals.

“I’m proud to be a member of this team,” Gangnes exclaimed to state broadcaster NRK after the competition on Sunday in Bad Mitterndorf. Fannemel, who set a world record at Vikersund in Norway last year when he soared 251.5 meters, had jumped first, followed by Forfang, Tande and Gangnes, and they all did well.

Tande called himself the “weakest” of the four, but he jumped distances of 206.5 and 215.5 meters. It was Norway’s first World Championship victory in ski flying since 2004. staff