Handball men advance to quarter-finals

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First they trounced Japan by a score of 38-23 and then they rolled over Macedonia during the weekend, with another victorious score of 34-24. Norway’s men’s handball team has thus won its place in the quarter-finals at the World Championships playing out in France.

The biggest upset, though, came on Sunday, when Denmark’s powerhouse team lost to Hungary in a thrilling close one that ended in a score of 27-25. That means Norway will play against Hungary in the quarter-finals match on Tuesday.

Norway’s team had been preparing to meet Denmark, so head coach Christian Berge needs to set new plans. Hungarian players told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that they don’t know much about Norway either, except that the team is “young” and “very good.”

“Norway has top players in all positions,” Lazlo Nagy of Hungary’s team told NRK. “They’re really hard on defense, and very quick to attack.” Defeated Danish players, meanwhile, said they’d cheer for Norway on Tuesday and expected it to be an exciting match.

newsinenglish.no staff