Aggressive swan wins a reprieve

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An aggressive swan that attacked a little girl earlier this summer may not be put to death after all. Local officials in Os on Norway’s West Coast, where the swan views the harbour area as its territory, may opt to move the entire swan family somewhere else in the country.

The swan grabbed headlines in June after it literally grabbed the girl, who was visiting Os’ harbour area with her day care center group, and pulled her underwater several times. The child was saved from possible drowning when adults rescued her from the swan’s grip.

Since then the swan has been called “Havnesjefen” (Harbour boss) and hit with a death sentence. On Monday, though, elected municipal officials, the Norwegian ornithological association and a swan protection group (Svanehjelpen) held a meeting and agreed to explore alternatives for the swan. State broadcaster NRK reported that can include a forced relocation for the entire swan family. staff