Asylum seekers charged for terror ties

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Two men who arrived in Norway as asylum seekers from Syria have been arrested and charged with having ties to terrorists. The two arrests are not directly related and were made in two different areas of the country.

State broadcaster NRK reported Wednesday evening that the men were initially arrested in September. One of the men is in his 30s and was arrested in Central Norway at the end of September. The other man is also in his 30s and was arrested in Western Norway in early September. One arrived in 2015, the other last year.

Neither is a Syrian citizen. Details were being withheld by Norway’s police intelligence unit PST, but NRK reported that information the two defendants provided during the asylum process led to their arrests. One of them reportedly understands why he’s been arrested, but his defense attorney claimed he was cooperating with police and expected to be able to clarify what he believes to be a “misunderstanding.” staff