Oil platform strike settled

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Around 1,550 oil platform workers were heading back to their jobs on the Norwegian Continental Shelf on Thursday, after their nine-day strike was called off. Platform owners represented by the Norwegian Shipowners Association (Norges Rederiforbund) and workers represented by the labour organization Safe came to terms following state mediation.

The settlement was said to be similar to that reached in May between the platform owners and another labour organization, Industri Energi.

“The last thing the oil business needed was a lengthy conflict that put the industry’s reputation, economy and jobs in danger,” claimmed Jakob Korsgaard of Maersk Drilling Norge. He led negotiations for the shipowners’ association and had called the labour conflict “meaningless.” He said the platform owners were “therefore satisfied that it’s been settled.”

The conflict was over pay and pensions. Safe officials claimed “full victory” for their pension demands. Wage demands will be retroactive to June 1st.

The strike had shut down around 29 oil platforms, forcing the temporary layoffs of workers not directly involved in the strike.

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