Summer weather returns to the south

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Skies turned sunny once again over Oslo on Monday, after an unusually warm weekend. State meteorologists predict the mild autumn weather will stick around for awhile.

Some areas of Southern- and Central Norway may see thermometers creep back up to 20C (nearly 70F). While the annual autumn holiday week is over in Oslo, Akershus and several other southern counties, it’s just beginning in several other inland and central areas, and they could look forward to fair weather ahead.

“Average temperatures during the day will be over 10C, well above what’s normal,” Eldbjørg Moxnes of the state meteorological institute, told newspaper Aftenposten. They’re expected to hit 14-17C in much of Eastern Norway.

Better weather was also expected in the counties of Trøndelag and More og Romsdal, while rain was expected south of the West Cape at Stad. Temperatures were also rising in Northern Norway, but it can still be cold at night all over the country. staff