Storms stranded holiday motorists

Sudden and severe snowstorms in the mountains of southern Norway were still causing problems on Tuesday as tens of thousands of people tried to head home after the Easter holidays. Many key mountain passes remained closed, others were only open to convoy driving and there were lots of accidents. Slippery conditions on roads that finally […]

Winter returned with a vengeance

A long stretch of springlike weather in southern Norway ended abruptly this week with snowstorms and strong winds, followed by rain at lower elevations. As much as 50 centimeters of snow fell in some areas, setting off all kinds of accidents, especially in the southeast. “It’s been hectic,” operations leader Terje Skaftnes of the eastern […]

Winter storm rages over Northern Norway

Norway’s northernmost region of Finnmark was largely cut off from the rest of the country on Monday after a severe winter storm with strong winds and snow forced the closure of nearly 60 roads including the main E6 highway. By Monday night, the storms had also knocked out power to around 1,600 residents. Kjøllefjord and […]

February freeze turns expensive

Norway’s already record-high electricity rates rose even higher this week as thermometers fell all over the country. Hardly any temperatures above the freezing point have been recorded in recent days, making the winter wonderland not so wonderful after all. Skiers and skaters have been out enjoying one of the coldest winters in years. Some can’t […]

Electricity rates jump in the cold

One of the coldest January months in many years has sent electric rates soaring as thermometers sank. Market rates passed their highest level in five years on Monday, meaning that most Norwegians need to brace for some mighty big bills ahead. “We had a real jump today,” Bengt Haugnes, in charge of power trading for […]

Major storm batters Helgeland

Police were urging residents all along the West Coast and especially in Helgeland to stay indoors, after the extreme weather system known as Frank roared in on Thursday. Many mountain roads were also closed and winds were strong as far south as Oslo and beyond. “It’s hardly possible to stand upright out there,” Ole Håkon […]

Snow knocked out power lines

Thousands of households and holiday homes experienced frequent and lengthy power failures this week, after lots of heavy wet snow fell all over southeastern Norway. More than 60 homes in Østre Toten were without electricity for 44 hours, while romjul holidays were spoiled for lots of those taking time off at holiday cabins. That’s because […]

Holiday sunshine before ‘jul deluge’

PHOTO FEATURE: Frosty weather and low December sunshine splashed briefly over southern Norway on the Christmas Day holiday, before being washed away by heavy wet snow that turned into more pouring rain. The sunny interlude prompted some brave souls to jump into the Oslo Fjord for a brisk “julevasken” (Christmas bathing). The first sunshine in […]

Rare sunshine turned to slippery snow

After weeks of rain throughout most of December, the sun finally came out on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in much of  Southern Norway. It all turned into heavy snow and more rain on Saturday, though, making roads and highways hazardous. Police all over Østlandet and in the mountain regions were issuing warnings Saturday […]

New warmth records set in November

It’s never been so warm in Norway’s coastal town of Arendal in November as it was last month. State meteorologists registered warmth records elsewhere in the country as well, but the average temperature of 8.3C at Arendal’s Torungen Lighthouse was the highest since registration began in 1867. Other records were set on the island of […]