Farmers ready to reap bumper crops

Norwegian farmers seem to be going from famine to feast this year, with optimal weather conditions yielding what are expected to be record large crops. It’s a sharp contrast from last year’s drought, which resulted in a huge state bailout. There’s little likelihood the farmers will offer to repay any of the NOK 1.6 billion […]

Mountain’s rumbling forces new evacuation

Just days after being allowed to return home, Norwegians living at the foot of the country’s most unstable mountain Mannen had to pack up and leave again. State authorities ordered a new evacuation after fearing a new landslide. The national agency monitoring the mountain (NVE) raised the danger level back up to rødt (red) on […]

Cold cuts risk of mountain falling

Norway’s cold summer weather this year is unpopular, but it has reduced new warnings that the country’s unstable mountain known as Mannen might literally fall down to the valley below. Snow that fell on its summit during the night was actually welcome, also in July. It got even colder Monday night at the top of […]

Summer holidays drown in cold rain

Norwegians from north to south were all but drowning in chilly rain or even snow as their traditional month-long summer holidays began this week. While the rest of Europe is sweltering in a heat wave, Norway seemed caught in an unusual cold snap with temperatures due to drop in the most southern parts of the […]

Fireworks set off complaints

Two major private fireworks displays on weeknights in Oslo last week have sent complaints soaring almost as high and as loud as the fireworks themselves. Residents complained that children were woken up, dogs started barking and lots of smoke lingered over the downtown area. The first fireworks display on Wednesday night was connected to a […]

Summer storm raged over Southern Norway

More than 16,000 bolts of lightning, thunder so loud it made people jump and torrential rain swept over most of Southern Norway on Thursday. Around 4,000 households lost power, while many outdoor events popular at this time of year were utterly spoiled. “This has been a day when the weather controls what you want to […]

Heavy rain warnings posted

State meteorologists were warning of a major downpour on Thursday that could cause flooding and other damage in several counties of Southern Norway. They boosted their initial warning level from yellow to orange on Wednesday afternoon. “There will be a lot of water pouring down, 30 millimeters in three hours,” Hanne Beate Skattør of the […]

Snow chills long weekend plans

Just as thousands of Norwegians were set to head off on Wednesday for a long holiday weekend, many of them woke up to more snow. State meteorologists were warning against driving up to the mountains, or over them. “There are several centimeters of snow on the ground and we’re back to real winter driving conditions,” […]

‘Perfect’ weather for the 17th of May

The sun was shining or at least peeking out from Kirkenes in the north to Kristiansand in the south for Norway’s Constitution Day celebrations on the 17th of May. Traditional parades, outdoor dancing, concerts and other special events were on tap all over the country. Celebrations started as early as 6am in some communities but […]

Frost may boost farmers’ demands

If the government wasn’t under enough pressure to boost funding for farmers, the weather has added to it. Unseasonable nighttime frost has hit fruit growers hard, with one farmer in Telemark unable to find a single apple on any of his 13,000 trees. “It’s not possible to be 100 percent certain, but it looks very, […]