Autumn storm stirs up trouble

Hurricane-force winds and high seas caused lots of damage over large areas of Norway on Friday. The train line between Oslo and Bergen was halted after trees fell over railroad tracks and roads, and local communities were setting up crisis teams to deal with all the trouble. The area from Gjøvik north to Lillehammer was […]

Rain and wind turned destructive

After weeks if not months of unusually warm and dry weather, most of Southern Norway continues to be battered this week by heavy rain and, in some areas, strong winds. That resulted in lots of damage during the weekend. The rain was initially welcome, not only to turn yellowed lawns green again but also to […]

High temperatures set new record

It’s not common for Norwegians to be enjoying warm, summerlike weather in September, but many residents of southern Norway are still walking around in shorts and eating meals outdoors. A temperature reading of 28.6C (around 85F) in Drammen on Wednesday broke records as the warmest September day in 20 years. A total of 11 weather […]

Warm weather set new summer record

The Norwegian capital of Oslo has never counted so many days with temperatures of more than 20C (nearly 70F) than it did this summer. It could boast 79 official “summer days” in June, July and August, breaking the last record set in 2006, four full days before August will be over. With the warm weather […]

Strong winds hit Østlandet hard

A sudden onslaught of strong winds from the north toppled trees, shut down a major train line and left thousands in southeastern Norway without electricity on Wednesday. A storm at this time of year is unusual, and traffic officials were warning motorists to drive with care. The wind storm caused damage from Folldal in the […]

Storm scared tourists on Lofoten

Neither longtime residents nor ferry operators had ever seen such long lines at local ferry docks late this week, after thousands of tourists frightened by unusually harsh summer weather tried to leave otherwise scenic Lofoten. “It’s a nightmare,” one frustrated truckdriver told state broadcaster NRK after waiting for hours in the queue. Strong winds and […]

Sisters killed by lightning

Flags were flying at half-mast on Monday in the coastal community of Hareid, southwest of Ålesund, after three sisters from Oslo were struck by lightning while climbing to the summit of Melshornet. Two of the sisters, aged 12 and 18, were killed and the third badly injured. All were active in the Oslo sports club […]

Skies cleared for Midsummer Eve

Most Norwegians could bask under sunshine and clear skies for the traditional Midsummer Eve celebrations known as Sankthansaften on Wednesday. The evening holiday that’s often washed out by chilly rain was instead beckoning boaters out on the fjord. Only the northwest coastal areas were due for any rain. “The weather was looking quite nice for […]

Storms stranded holiday motorists

Sudden and severe snowstorms in the mountains of southern Norway were still causing problems on Tuesday as tens of thousands of people tried to head home after the Easter holidays. Many key mountain passes remained closed, others were only open to convoy driving and there were lots of accidents. Slippery conditions on roads that finally […]

Winter returned with a vengeance

A long stretch of springlike weather in southern Norway ended abruptly this week with snowstorms and strong winds, followed by rain at lower elevations. As much as 50 centimeters of snow fell in some areas, setting off all kinds of accidents, especially in the southeast. “It’s been hectic,” operations leader Terje Skaftnes of the eastern […]