Storm cut Norway in half

The powerful remains of the tropical storm dubbed Sally slammed into Northern Norway on Monday, flooding the E6 highway at Rana to such an extent that no vehicles could cross over it. Since the highway runs from the Swedish border in the south all the way to the Russian border in the north, that effectively […]

Strong winds caused injuries

Strong winds and especially powerful gusts caused damage and even some injuries around southeastern Norway on Wednesday. Trees were blown down and hit passersby both in the park around the Royal Palace in Oslo and near the Frogner Park. Dronningparken (The Queen’s Park) was closed by police Wednesday afternoon, not least after a man walking […]

Storm grounds oil rig helicopters

Another major late summer storm halted most helicopter traffic beween Norway’s West Coast and its oil rigs in the North Sea on Friday. State meteorologists were also warning of flooding because of all the heavy rain accompanied by thunder and lightning. Morten Eek, spokesman for state oil company Equinor’s offshore installations, reported up to 300 […]

Summer to return after heavy rain

The past few days of sunny and warm summer weather in much of Norway was due to be interrupted on Thursday afternoon by a freak storm rolling in from England, warned state meteorologists. They advised against planning to grill dinner outdoors. State weather officials sent out a warning for strong winds, pouring rain, thunder, lightning and […]

Summer suddenly turned chilly

After an unusually warm June, Norway’s July summer holidays got off to an extremely chilly start over the weekend. Strong winds, heavy rain, hail and even some snow caught many tourists by surprise. Slippery roads and as much as 30 centimeters of snow in the mountains prompted warnings from state highway officials that motorists shouldn’t […]

More landslide danger looms

Geologists were warning that lots of melting snow and warmer temperatures may set off more landslides, also in the Alta area of Finnmark in Northern Norway where eight homes and holiday homes were swept into the sea on Wednesday. “It’s important to stress that there’s still a lot of snow in the mountains,” Bjørn Sønju-Moltzau, […]

Summer weather sets in at last

After a chilly weekend and a fair amount of rain, Southern Norway was joining the north in welcoming summer weather this week. It’s expected to last at least through the upcoming pinse holiday weekend. Thermometers were already rising from Kristiansand in the south to Kirkenes in the north. “Many places will be well over 15C […]

More snow boosts flood warnings

The weather this week has been nothing like the “mild May” conditions Norwegians like to sing about. Road authorities were warning motorists on Tuesday against driving over the mountains without winter tires, and to brace for floods later this spring. There’s rarely been so much snow in Northern Norway, and the mountains are still full […]

Storm kept police busy, warmer days on the way

Police and emergency crews all over Norway took in lots of calls for help as Easter weekend storms toppled trees and tore down power lines. State meteorologists promise, however, that much better weather is on the way. More than 65,000 households were without electricity on Monday in the new county Innlandet alone. It combines the […]

New storm warnings posted

Yet another late-winter storm was wreaking havoc from north to south on Easter Sunday, and Monday could be worse. “Now there’s even more reason to just stay home,” commented one state meteorologist. Police urged residents to secure all loose objects and to refrain from driving over the mountains of Southern Norway and, not least in […]