Birkebeiner race ‘guaranteed’

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In the midst of the Corona pandemic that’s cancelled most all public events comes at least some good news for skiers: Norway’s traditional Birkebeiner ski race over the mountains to Lillehammer is “guaranteed” to take place as usual in March.

It was cancelled this year and weather has spoiled it as well, but barring the latter, organizers are confident the long-distance race from Rena in Østerdalen to Lillehammer will be held in all of its categories and age groups.

Around 2,000 skiers have already signed up. Birkebeiner boss Eirik Torbjørnsen said it won’t be possible for all the thousands who often turn out for the race to take part on the same day, but racers can be assigned dates and starting times over a series of days. Details were still being worked out, but Torbjørnsen told state broadcaster NRK Wednesday that “everyone will allowed to race on the ‘Birken’ course in one form or another.” staff