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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Daylight savings gets underway

Norwegians are still joining most of the rest of Europe in setting their clocks forward an hour from Sunday, but it remains unclear how long the practice will continue. The EU still hasn’t settled on a proposal to remain on the same time year-round, and Norway will go along with whatever decision is made.

Trade Minister Jan Christian Vestre thinks it “will be an advantage,” especially for business, to stay in the same time zone as neighbouring countries. Norway is not a member of the EU but has gone along with daylight savings time (meant to save energy) during the summer months since 1980.

There’s already as much as 20 hours of daylight or even more in the late spring and summer in Norway, especially in the far north, but Norway has found it best to be in the same time zone as neighbouring Sweden, Finland, Denmark and most of the rest of central Europe.

The EU Commission proposed eliminating the practice of resetting clocks back in 2018 but then didn’t follow through with it in 2021 as planned. Norway is still waiting for a decision whether the EU will opt for staying permanently on daylight savings time. It would mean even darker mornings during the winter months, but slightly long afternoons. staff




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