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Speculation swirls as fall election nears

NEWS ANALYSIS: It seems like the most favourite topic in Norwegian media lately is speculation over what Norway’s government will look like after this fall’s parliamentary election. Parties making up the current conservative government coalition are lagging badly in the polls, but the left-center side is divided by conflict and two very different candidates of […]

Secrets swirled around the 17th

UPDATED: Norway’s most important holiday of the year was heading into the history books as Norwegians prepared for their strangest 17th of May ever. No one even knew where King Harald V would be spending the Corona-hit holiday that celebrates Norway’s constitution and independence, as events were kept secret to keep crowds from gathering. With […]

Speculation swirls after cruise tragedy

Speculation and accusations continued to swirl on Friday following a collision on the Danube between a Hungarian sightseeing boat and a river cruise vessel from Norwegian-owned Viking Cruises. The arrest of Viking Cruises’ captain raised more questions, as the search went on for 28 people on the sightseeing boat who are missing and presumed drowned. […]

Questions swirl around Russian terrorist

Even his own Norwegian defense attorney is calling him “a danger to life and health,” and strongly supported that the 20-year-old man who said he “wanted to kill several people” in Oslo last week was ordered held in custody over the weekend. The woman he stabbed in an Oslo grocery store on Thursday survived two […]

Conflict swirls at Innovation Norway

The board leader of Norway’s publicly funded business development organization Innovasjon Norge (Innovation Norway) has abruptly resigned in protest. Per Otto Dyb quit last week after alleged political meddling by Norway’s new business and trade minister, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, prevented him and the board from dealing with an alleged lack of confidence in Innovation Norway’s […]

Suspicion swirls on holiday island

The mayor of an island community that’s a popular holiday destination in Southern Norway has asked local police to look into suspected irregularities regarding its building permit process. Speculation is rising over whether some wealthy owners of holiday homes will be ordered to tear down the so-called hytter they may have been illegally allowed to build. […]

Job uncertainty swirls around Total takeover

French oil company Total’s pending acquisition of Mærsk Oil in Norway has raised questions over how many people may lose their jobs.  Plans call for Mærsk’s 41 employees in Norway to be integrated into Total Norge, which currently has 438 employees in Norway. Both companies have operations in Stavanger. Total Norge, however, confirmed it’s cutting staff […]

Brexit fallout set to keep swirling

Markets were showing signs of recovery on Wednesday after the shock of Britian’s exit from the European Union began to ease, but Norwegian analysts think the turbulence is far from over. Prime Minister Erna Solberg returned from a quick trip to Brussels, meanwhile, with little faith in any near-term solutions to either the financial or political chaos and […]

Speculation swirls over new Moore film

Controversial and critical American filmmaker Michael Moore has been spotted in Oslo over the past few days, and local media were trying to guess what he’s working on. Moore himself wouldn’t say, and swore his interview subjects to secrecy as well. Among them was Trond Blattmann, whose son was killed in the massacre carried out […]

Speculation swirls over new Statoil CEO

The guessing game has begun, with Norwegian media speculating over who will succeed Helge Lund as chief executive of Norway’s largest company, Statoil. New bosses are also needed for both Telenor and Yara, with the state playing a big role in all three firms. Newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad was the first to report during the Christmas holidays […]