Tough talk against China and Russia

There’s been lots of criticism directed at both China and Russia in Norwegian media this week, some of it coming from Norway’s own Jens Stoltenberg. He’s in his last year as secretary general of NATO, as speculation swirls whether he’ll eventually come home to be governor of Norway’s central bank. It’s unlikely Stoltenberg, a former […]

Reaction favourable to Nobel winners

Reaction was quickly rolling in to this year’s choice of journalists as winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, and it was highly favourable. Outgoing Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg called journalism “the most powerful protection we have for democracy,” while her incoming successor Jonas Gahr Støre was among those nominating international journalism organizations and even […]

Peace Prize hails brave journalists

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has formally recognized the role that independent and professional journalism plays in warding off war and conflict. In specifically honouring two of the world’s bravest journalists on Friday, the Oslo-based committee stressed the importance that fact-based freedom of expression has for peace. This year’s Nobel Peace Prize will thus be shared […]

Trains to start running abroad

Norwegians haven’t been able to take the train to any foreign destinations since the Corona pandemic first shut down operations in March of last year. They’ll finally start rolling again later this month, at least to Sweden. “We’ve all really been looking forward to this day,” Erik Røhne, chief executive of Norwegian railway Vy (the […]

Airlines face lots of new turbulence

As Norwegians start traveling again, airlines based in Scandinavia are struggling to reinvent themselves, and survive. Both SAS and Norwegian Air have landed new labour agreements with pilots and cabin crew in Denmark, aimed at cutting costs with more “flexible” crewing, but they’ve met strong resistance in Norway and Sweden that’s now winding up in […]

Remaining borders to Sweden open up

It’s become much easier to drive over the border between Norway and Sweden this week, since the governments of both countries decided to drop most remaining restrictions from October 1st. On Tuesday, smaller border crossings in remote areas that were completely closed during the Corona pandemic were also reopening, with only sporadic controls. Norway’s Home […]

Munch’s ‘Madonna’ revealed sketching

A new infrared examination of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch’s famed Madonna has revealed how Munch did some sketching on the canvas before he started painting. The exam was carried out on the National Museum’s own version of the iconic work. Under its surface, conservators Thierry Ford and photographer Børre Høstland could detect sketching that could […]

Christian Democrats may be resurrected

Norway’s deeply troubled Christian Democrats Party became a shadow of its former self in the recent election, winning just 3.8 percent of the vote and only three seats in Parliament. The party may, however, find that a new Labour-Center government can be an interesting partner and path to revival. The Christian Democrats, under former leader […]

Government talks resume in Hurdal

Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre is meeting again this week with his Center Party counterpart, Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, in an effort to form a new left-center government. Støre claimed upon arriving at their hotel in Hurdal Monday morning that they’ve already settled many issues and aim to start working on a platform document. “A […]

It’s business as usual for Norway’s oil

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s new prospective leaders have already reinforced the country’s image as a wealthy oil nation with no intention of halting the flow of its own riches to save the climate. Economic growth appears once again to be much more important than tackling climate change, even as another UN climate summit looms later this […]