New chief takes the helm at Norwegian

It’s official: Bjørn Kjos stepped down as chief executive of Norwegian Air on Thursday and handed over all operating responsibility to finance director Geir Karlsen, who immediately took over as acting CEO. Kjos claims he isn’t retiring, though, from the airline he founded nearly 20 years ago. “I won’t become a pensionist,” Kjos said at […]

Critics lash out at Magnus Carlsen

Norwegian chess champion Magnus Carlsen has been playing brilliantly lately, but now even many of his longtime supporters in Norway are wondering whether his success and position in the chess world may be going to his head. Critics are accusing him of both paying for influence over the national chess federation and sabotaging plans for […]

Solberg slides into a summer slump

NEWS ANALYSIS: Prime Minister Erna Solberg made a point of noting that her traditional mid-year press conference on Thursday was her first as leader of a majority government coalition. That hasn’t made her life any easier, with all four government parties sliding in the polls and quarreling among themselves. She claimed that the “cooperation climate” […]

Ousted hospital boss paid to leave

UPDATED: Criticism was flying this week after another top public official had to resign amidst great conflict but nonetheless quickly was granted another public sector job with a big paycheck. This time the man in question is Dr Bjørn Erikstein, who resigned under pressure Monday as director of the Oslo University Hospitals (OUS) and ultimately […]

Ex-county governor faces prison term

The lengthy and sometimes shocking trial of a former county governor wrapped up this week, with prosecutors demanding that he be sentenced to five-and-half years in prison. They claim he abused the power of his position to gain sexual favours from young asylum seekers. The trial that began June 11 ended up as a battle over […]

Norwegian Air’s chief ready to retire

Speculation has been swirling for months over when the 72-year-old founder and chief executive of Norwegian Air would finally step down. Now Bjørn Kjos seems more keen to relinquish control, in an interview conducted during the Paris Air Show this week. “I really hope they (the board of holding company Norwegian Air Shuttle) find someone […]

Football star hopes for quick recovery

Caroline Graham Hansen scored the first of two winning goals for Norway’s women’s national football team at the World Cup in France Monday night, only to injure her ankle after a collision with a South Korean opponent. Now she, the rest of the team and thousands of Norwegian fans are hoping for a quick recovery. […]

Braathen to take over at DNB

Norway’s largest bank, DNB, has tapped its chief financial officer to become its chief executive. Kjerstin Braathen, who’s worked for DNB for 20 years, vows to maintain the bank’s dominant position after taking over the helm from a retiring Rune Bjerke. “Kjerstin has all the qualifications to do a better job than me,” said Bjerke, […]

Skier Kristoffersen drops sponsor appeal

Henrik Kristoffersen, Norway’s disgruntled slalom skier who sued the national ski federation for restricting his private sponsorships, has decided not to appeal his loss in the county court. He’s also agreed to a new contract with the national ski team. “There’s a time for everything and now we’ll start fresh,” Kristoffersen stated. “It’s tough to […]

Mayor harassed, ministers shocked

Norwegian leaders right up to the prime minister’s office were shocked to hear this week about how opponents of road tolls (bompenger) in the Stavanger area have harassed a local mayor and her family. Now the government mnister in charge of local governments is calling in the leaders of all political parties to address what she […]