NHO’s boss will be missed

Colleagues at Norway’s national employers association NHO were all but mourning the looming loss of their boss, Kristin Skogen Lund, after she confirmed that she was resigning the powerful position to accept a new job as chief executive of Schibsted Group, the large Norwegian media company. Lund formerly headed Schibsted’s biggest newspaper, Aftenposten, and staff there were […]

Pop singer Aurora strikes a chord

SPECIAL FEATURE: Aurora Aksnes is a 22-year-old Norwegian pop singer who’s been steadily gaining international popularity in recent years. Calla Duffield is a 14-year-old fan and aspiring journalist from College Station, Texas, who got a chance to interview the singer known simply as “Aurora” before a concert in Liverpool this summer. Here’s the unabashedly starstruck […]

Princess to close her ‘angel school’

Norway’s Princess Martha Louise has been back in the news lately, amid reports of financial problems and new projects. On Thursday she and her partner Elisabeth Nordeng announced on social media that they will end their 11-year business venture that was started “to help people get in touch with their angels.” Founded as Astarte Education […]

Former minister scolded by the UN

Norway’s former minister of both the environment and foreign aid, Erik Solheim, is facing a severe scolding from auditors at the United Nations over how he’s carrying out his current duties as head of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). They’re sharply criticizing Solheim’s alleged overspending on near constant travel and lack of respect for UN […]

Mullah Krekar appears in brown cheese

The annual and often controversial autumn art exhibition known as Høstutstilling has opened in Oslo again, where one piece of art is grabbing particular attention. It’s a bust of Norway’s most troublesome refugee, Mullah Krekar, sculpted from a block of brown goat cheese. Artist Ole Johan Aandal, age 58, claims his sculpture is meant to […]

Late author defied the literary elite

Margit Sandemo wrote nearly 200 books that sold an estimated 37 million copies, and she long ranked as one of Norway’s most popular authors. Her death last week at the age of 94 was mourned by fans in a dozen countries, some of whom scoffed at the fact she was never recognized by Norway’s literary […]

Listhaug moves up in Progress Party

Sylvi Listhaug, known as Norway’s most controversial politician because of her inflammatory rhetoric against immigrants and Muslims, almost brought down the government last spring and was forced to resign as justice minister. That likely would have caused problems for any politician’s career but not in the conservative Progress Party. Now she’s risen to its highest leadership […]

Women skiers in sorrow again

Norway’s national women’s ski team was in sorrow once again this week, after learning that former racer Ida Eide, a good friend of star skier Therese Johaug, died of a heart attack after just turning 30. Former champion Vibeke Skofterud, meanwhile, was found to have consumed too much alcohol to be legally driving the water jet […]

Mette-Marit’s son ‘seeks publicity’

Five months after the Royal Palace scolded an Oslo-based magazine for reporting on what it called “the private life” of Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s son, Marius Borg Høiby has willingly posed for and revealed his private life to an international magazine. The palace had no immediate comment. Høiby and his Norwegian girlfriend Juliane Snekkestad are featured […]

Queen ‘back home’ after 50 royal years

Queen Sonja and King Harald were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, two days after the queen ceremoniously re-opened her childhood home. It’s been moved from Oslo to the Maihaugen outdoor museum in Lillehammer, and restored to how it looked when it served as a safe haven for the couple who had to wait […]