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More trouble for Telenor, in Bulgaria

Norway’s international telecoms firm Telenor has run into even more trouble at its overseas operations. This time the problems are in Bulgaria, where a police investigation is now underway into what the company calls “economic crime.” Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported Friday that Telenor discovered shortly after buying its Bulgarian operation in 2013 that it […]

Holidays not very happy at Telenor

A form of Norway’s much-cherished “julefred” (literally, Christmas peace) settled over Telenor the weekend, as it and other Norwegian companies recessed for year-end holidays. Most analysts and academics are not expecting a very happy New Year for Telenor, however, since its chief executive has been weakened by the board leader’s unsuccessful attempts to fire him, and her […]

Brekke keeps his job at Telenor

Sigve Brekke has survived a reported attempt by the leader of Telenor’s board of directors to force his resignation as the company’s chief executive. Now speculation is swirling over whether she’ll survive months of top-level conflict and retain her post, after failing to win support from the rest of Telenor’s board. The troubled Oslo-based telecoms firm issued […]

Media storm batters troubled Telenor

As reasons for a lack of confidence in Telenor CEO Sigve Brekke continued to leak out of the company this week, one of its major employee organizations tried to head off the media storm swirling around both Brekke and board leader Gunn Wærsted. It called on Telenor’s divided board of directors to retain Brekke as CEO as they huddled for the second of a […]

No peace yet for Telenor officials

As yet another management crisis spreads within Oslo-based Telenor, several of its top officials had to put on brave faces during this weekend’s Nobel Peace Prize festivities. They were among invited guests, but remained caught in conflict themselves as a new board meeting loomed on Monday. Norwegian media was full of the conflict now raging between the leader of […]

Power struggle rocks troubled Telenor

Norway’s Parliament is demanding some answers after reports of deep conflicts at the highest levels of Telenor, one of the country’s biggest companies. The state still owns a majority stake in Telenor, and now the government minister in charge of it is also caught in the conflict between the woman she chose to lead Telenor’s board of diretors less […]

‘Crown prince’ won Telenor’s top job

Sigve Brekke had long been considered the top candidate to take over as chief executive at Telenor when his appointment was announced on Tuesday. His base pay will be even higher than that of his predecessor, Jon Fredrik Baksaas, but most analysts and Telenor’s board members clearly think he’s worth it. Brekke, age 55, has worked for Telenor since […]

Telenor looking for a new CEO

Norway’s large international telecoms firm Telenor, now launching its new mobile operations in Myanmar, has 14 months to find a replacement for its chief executive officer Jon Fredrik Baksaas. He could have stepped down in November, when retirement age sets in at 60, but Telenor extended his contract and he’ll stay through 2015 before moving […]

Telenor poised to ‘rebuild’ Burma

Norwegian telecoms giant Telenor is ready to play a major role in helping Burma catch up with the rest of the world. Telenor chief executive Jon Fredrik Baksaas says the company wants t0 engage in nothing less than “nasjonsbygging” (nation-building), after it won a green light from authorities in the long-isolated country to develop its […]

Telenor connects with Thailand

It’s been 16 years since Norwegian telecoms giant Telenor first started expanding into Asia via Thailand. Today, Telenor’s chief executive Jon Fredrik Baksaas can confirm that its regional headquarters in Bangkok is an Asian hub and gateway of sorts, with word due soon on whether Telenor also can start operating in Thailand’s neighbouring Myanmar. With […]