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Online activity lands terror suspect in jail

A 25-year-old Norwegian who’d encouraged terrorist acts online has been sentenced to 12 years in jail by the Oslo County Court. It’s the first time such online activity has resulted in a conviction, and the man’s defense attorney immediately appealed, also over the length of his sentence. The defendant had been indicted for three attempts […]

Bells tolled for terror victims

UPDATED: Norway was in the midst of a long and full day of speeches, ceremonies and bells tolling nationwide on Thursday, as the country marked the 10th anniversary of the July 22 attacks in 2011. It began with traditional memorials at and near the sites of the attacks, and was to end with a nationally […]

Police disarm as terror threat declines

Norwegian police are no longer armed on a daily basis, after police intelligence unit PST determined that the terror threat against Norway has declined. PST now categorizes the terror threat as “moderate,” and that neither right-wing extremists nor Islamists are as active as earlier assessed. “With a reduced terror threat, the police’s reason to keep […]

ISIL wife appeals terror sentence

Norwegian prosecutors won a precedent-setting case on Tuesday against a young Pakistani-Norwegian woman who had married an ISIL terrorist and traveled to Syria to join him. The Oslo County Court ruled that she had thus taken part in a terrorist organization, and sentenced her to three-and-a-half years in prison. She appealed on the spot. The […]

ISIL terror suspect faces trial in May

A 24-year-old man from Skien who’s been in custody since his arrest on terror charges in 2019 has now been indicted and faces trial next month. He’s accused of urging others in a chat group to “burn homes and buildings” in Denmark and London, where police managed to avert an attack. He’s been indicted on […]

ISIL terror suspect cries in court

A now-30-year-old woman born in Pakistan but reared in Norway went on trial in Oslo this week, charged with supporting the terror group ISIL (The Islamic State) after marrying and joining a Norwegian member of ISIL in Syria. She has already broken down in court several times, claiming she ended up being beaten and abused […]

Terror defendant released pending trial

A Norwegian-Pakistani woman who’d followed her radical boyfriend to join the brutal terrorist group IS in Syria has been released from prison in Oslo, pending her own trial on terror charges. She denies she actively supported the terrorist group, claiming she merely kept house and raised the children she eventually had. Her Islamic Norwegian partner […]

Terror suspect kept in custody

UPDATED: A Norwegian court has rejected an appeal from a Syrian teenager that he be released from custody. The 16-year-old must remain in confinement, pending a new appeal to the Supreme Court, while police continue their investigation into charges he was planning a terrorist attack. More details about what led to his arrest late last […]

Teenager arrested on terror charges

UPDATED: Norway’s police intelligence agency PST announced on Friday that a 16-year-old foreign citizen was arrested in Oslo on Thursday. He’s charged with carrying out preparations for an act of terror and faced a custody hearing Friday afternoon, where he was ordered held for at least the next two weeks. The hearing was held behind […]

Police armed as terror threat rises

Norway’s normally unarmed state police started carrying weapons on a temporary basis Thursday. They cited a higher threat of terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic and right-wing extremists, following a new evaluation of the overall terror threat by police intelligence unit PST. State Police Director Benedicte Bjørnland told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that the threat levels […]