Evacuees arriving from Afghanistan

UPDATED: The first flights to evacuate both Norwegian and Afghan citizens from Kabul have arrived in Oslo, but hundreds if not thousands more people fleeing the country are expected. Chaos after the withdrawal of NATO allies is complicating the evacuation process, while uncertainty prevails over how many Afghan refugees Norway will be willing to take […]

Norway closing its embassy in Kabul

Norway joined other western allies late Friday afternoon in announcing closure of their embassies in Afghanistan, at least temporarily. The announcement came after the Islamic extremist group Taliban has conquered large portions of the country since the US and NATO started pulling out after 20 years of unsuccessfully trying to stabilize it. “We hoped for […]

Norway ‘betraying’ Afghan colleagues

A former chief of the Norwegian Army who went on to become a UN special envoy in the Middle East is accusing Norwegian officials of turning their backs on their former employees in Afghanistan. Retired Lt General Robert Mood claims the Norwegian government has a responsibility for Afghans who helped Norwegians now being pulled out […]

UDI prepares for Afghan refugees

Norwegian immigration agency UDI is preparing for a new wave of asylum seekers from Afghanistan, after the US and NATO pulled out of the war-torn country. Many feel Norway, which took part in NATO’s unsuccessful efforts to stabilize Afghanistan over the past 20 years, has an obligation to take in Afghan refugees. The Islamic terrorist […]

Last troops soon to leave Afghanistan

Prime Minister Erna Solberg has confirmed that the last Norwegian troops stationed in Afghanistan will be leaving this summer. The pull-out has widespread support in Parliament, but Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre still claims it was correct to join US and NATO forces in the war-torn country years ago. Støre made several trips to […]

Troops start pulling out of Afghanistan

Norway intends to finally start pulling its remaining NATO troops out of Afghanistan from May 1st. The delayed withdrawal comes after the US and NATO confirmed a new coordinated pullout deadline of September 11, 20 years after the terrorist attacks on the US that led to the lengthy and unsuccessful war against terrorism. Norwegian Foreign […]

New chief’s been in battles before

For the first time since World War II, Norway is getting a defense chief with battle experience. Now General Major Eirik Johan Kristoffersen will need to take on a new sort of battle, for political support and funding to develop Norway’s armed forces. Kristoffersen holds what commentators, politicians and fellow soldiers have called an “impressive” background. […]

Norway boosts aid to Afghanistan

The Norwegian government is boosting its humanitarian aid to Afghanistan by NOK 48 million this year, because of drought and conflict.”The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan is now even more demanding because of the drought,” said Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide. She made an unannounced visit to the terror-plagued country last week, and met both Afghanistan’s […]

Asylum murder suspect held in custody

An 18-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan, charged with murdering two other young asylum seekers in Trondheim earlier this week, has been ordered held in police custody while also recovering from a gunshot wound sustained while police were trying to arrest him. A fourth young Afghan man who was seriously injured in the attacks, has been […]

Norway faces own child refugee dispute

While Norwegian politicians joined international outrage over the US’ incarceration of illegal immigrant children this week, they were faced with controversy of their own over the custody and forced returns of young rejected refugees from Afghanistan. Reaction has been fast and furious to the Norwegian government’s attempts to send the mostly male teenagers to a […]