Abortion opponent disrupted bishop’s ceremony

Anti-abortion activist Per Kørner demonstrated his views during Sunday’s ceremony in Tromsø consecrating the newest bishop of the Norwegian Church, Olav Øygard. Kørner was eventually seized by two civilian clad police who firmly escorted him out of the ceremony. Øygard, formerly the dean of the Norwegian church in Alta, was selected as the new bishop for the […]

Catholic Church admits inflating membership

The Catholic Church in Norway was promising to sharpen its routines after newspaper Dagbladet revealed this week that it had inflated its membership numbers in an effort to receive more state funding. All faiths in Norway receive state support based on registered members. The church had been registering immigrants to Norway who came from Catholic […]

Princess ‘can’t represent’ royals

Norwegian bishops were critical and distressed on Sunday after Norway’s controversial princess, Martha Louise, went on stage in Oslo with a self-professed British medium who claims she can communicate with the dead. The bishops don’t think a member of the Norwegian royal family should have anything to do with someone who profits from such claims, which […]

Oslo Seamen’s Church up for sale

The only Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Norway, located in a large historic house on Oslo’s fashionable Bygdøy peninsula, is up for sale as residential real estate that’s likely to be the most expensive home on the market. Appraised at NOK 70 million (USD 11.2 million), the sale can provide a windfall for its seller, the seamen’s mission (Den Indre Sjømannsmisjon). […]

Iranian deported from church asylum

A 56-year-old Iranian woman who had sought asylum for almost two years from the Filadelfia church in Kristiansand was deported following a police raid on Saturday. Her deportation drew strong reactions from the pentecostal congregation. “I believe the police, by going into the congregation’s premises and fetching out a person who was under church asylum, […]

Pastor charged with domestic violence

A pastor in the Norwegian Church has been arrested in the middle of the country’s Easter holidays and charged with domestic violence, confirmed the Sunnmøre Police District on Friday. He faces a custody hearing on Saturday. Prosecutor Mathias Häber told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that the defendant, a pastor in a town in northwestern Norway that […]

Expat churches defy attendance decline

At a time when the Norwegian Church has been offending and losing members, and church attendance in Oslo continues to decline, churches that cater to expatriates are thriving. Among them is the small St Edmund’s Church, which had a full program during the Easter holidays and attracts a loyal congregation. “We’re an international church,” the […]

Veteran politician blasts the church

Per-Kristian Foss, Norway’s Auditor General and a former longtime Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party, has called the Norwegian Church’s refusal to marry gays and lesbians in the church “a slap in the face for homosexuals.” On the eve of the Easter holidays, Foss, who is gay himself, is now considering withdrawing his membership […]

Church refuses to marry gay couples

UPDATED: The Norwegian Church’s (Den norske kirke) highest governing body voted against allowing homosexual couples to marry in a religious ceremony on Tuesday. However, a majority also rejected endorsing the status quo, that marriage is between one man and one woman, leaving the church with no clear statement on its gay marriage stance. The marriage […]

Fewer Norwegians go to church

Church attendance has been declining in Norway for years, and new figures from state statistics bureau SSB indicate that even fewer are attending Sunday services now. Fewer children are being christened as well, while more atheists are registered today than there were 20 years ago. SSB (Statistisk sentralbyrå, Statistics Norway) reported that there’s been a […]