Pastors question Easter priorities

The Corona crisis has once again cancelled church services during the Easter holidays and now some pastors in the Norwegian Church are questioning the government’s priorities. They think Norwegians’ tradition of spending Easter holidays at their hytter (holiday homes) has been given far more attention than the church. “I think the government could have said a […]

Pastors end strike after prayers answered

The labour organization representing pastors in the Norwegian Church ended a month-long strike this week, after securing a significant raise in base pay. Strike leaders called that “a victory, both for pastors and other church employees.” The Norwegian Church is no longer a state church but still receives most of its funding from the state, […]

Pastors on strike during holidays

A highly unusual strike among pastors in The Norwegian Church continued through the Christmas holidays. It’s the first time pastors have walked off the job in Norway, and possibly in the world, according to their labour organizations. The strike began earlier this month, over the looming loss of compensation for housing that the clergy was […]

Police investigate new racist attack

The new Hønefoss Church has sheltered a refugee Afghan family of four since last year. On Saturday the father and his seven-year-old son ventured outdoors for a walk in nearby woods, only to become victims of what police believe was a racist attack. Newspaper Ringerikes Blad reported that the little boy and his father were […]

Tourists steal nails from stave churches

Norway’s carefully preserved stave churches have survived for centuries but face threats from thoughtless tourists. The caretaker for one of them in Telemark has found small holes in the wooden walls where nails used to be, taken by tourists who’ve helped themselves to a souvenir. “The tourists want to take something with them from a […]

Schools urged to offer Christmas services

Norway’s education ministry is urging all schools around the country to offer religious services to their students before the Christmas holidays, or an alternative for students who don’t want to take part in Norwegian (Lutheran) Church services. “It’s great that so many schools already offer students a visit to church in connection with Christmas,” Education […]

Catholic diocese convicted of fraud

The Oslo City Court has found the Catholic diocese in Norway’s capital guilty of fraud, after ruling in a criminal case that it illegally inflated its membership numbers and thus received excessive amounts of public funding. The court acquitted a former church official of criminal charges, but ordered the diocese to pay a fine of NOK 2 […]

Bishop also a victim of harassment

One of Norway’s 12 bishops in The Norwegian Church has gone public with how she’s been sexually harassed over the years and been sent nude photos. She claimed on national TV Wednesday evening that both fellow pastors and men outside the church have been among those exceeding what she considers the limits of common decency. […]

It’s official: Homosexuals can marry in church

The government body for The Norwegian Church voted as expected on Monday in favour of a new wedding liturgy that can be used in same-sex marriages. It means that same-sex marriages can be held in the church from February 1, with proponents calling the vote “joyful” and “historic.” It came just three years after a […]

Catholics ordered to repay state funding

The Oslo Catholic Diocese has lost its case against the state and been ordered by a local court to repay around NOK 40 million (USD 4.8 million) it had received in state support. The court found that state funding sought and received by the diocese was based on fabricated membership numbers, and it was also ordered to […]