Dialects remain a big talking point

A popular new TV series that’s been running on state broadcaster NRK this fall has sparked new debate over Norway’s many dialects and how they’re used. The dialects can confuse newcomers to Norway and make learning Norwegian even more difficult – but they’re rich in culture and regional pride. “Placing dialects is almost a national […]

Adding English to the sound of Hallingdal

After two decades of rocking in their native Hallingdal dialect, the popular Norwegian band Hellbillies is about to take a radical step: Releasing their first album with lyrics in English. While the move could enlarge their audience,  some music industry experts think the unexpected switch is risky. The Hellbillies’ 20th anniversary release, scheduled for November, will […]

Hellbillies emerge from hellish year

A year ago, disaster hit Aslag Haugen and his popular band, the Hellbillies. He fell off a stage and broke his neck, throwing the fortunes of the band into jeopardy. But to almost everyone’s surprise, these boys are back, raising more hell than ever. Watching the Hellbillies kick off a long summer of concerts around […]

Oslo dialect differences fade away

Traditional differences between the dialects of those living on the east side of Oslo versus the west side are not nearly as clear as they once were, reports newspaper Aftenposten. It’s been conducting an informal “language test” among readers, and early results show that dialects are being blended at a rapid rate. The east side […]