Muslim teacher claims discrimination

A Muslim man who lost his job as a substitute teacher at an Oslo elementary school has filed a discrimination complaint with state authorities. He claims his contract wasn’t renewed on religious grounds, because of his refusal to greet women with a handshake. “Folks think that’s because I look down on women,” the man, who’s […]

New study reveals religious attitudes

Anti-Semitism has declined in Norway, but a new study shows Muslims are more negative towards Jews than the rest of the population. The report also shows what a government minister calls a “worrisome” degree of Islamophobia in Norway. The report, entitled “Attitudes towards Jews and Muslims in Norway 2017,” is the latest to be commissioned […]

Bishop also a victim of harassment

One of Norway’s 12 bishops in The Norwegian Church has gone public with how she’s been sexually harassed over the years and been sent nude photos. She claimed on national TV Wednesday evening that both fellow pastors and men outside the church have been among those exceeding what she considers the limits of common decency. […]

Media uproar over ‘old boys’ culture

A remarkable media uproar exploded in Oslo just before the weekend, rooted in the lack of women in top management at even egalitarian Norway’s media firms. It was ignited by remarks made by one local boss in particular, that were widely viewed as highly offensive and personifying a “good old boys’” culture and network. It […]

Norwegian Air ‘preferred blondes’

Norwegian Air, home-based in a country that prides itself on equality, has raised a new flap over the casting call for a new commercial shot in Los Angeles last spring. The casting company for Norwegian plainly stated that it was seeking “20-something tourist girls, preferably blond” along with a “20-27 year old quintessential Scandinavian woman.” Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported […]

Sami still battling discrimination

The Easter holidays were typically festive for Norway’s indigenous Sami people, marking a high season for weddings and other traditional celebrations as the days grow longer and lighter. This year some ominous clouds had been gathering, however, following a string of disturbing incidents and claims of discrimination by Sami leaders. “We’ve been seeing an alarming negative development […]

Police charged with ‘gruesome, racist’ treatment of Roma, ‘African’ homeless

A new report issued this week by Norway’s new National Institute for Human Rights has concluded that Oslo police discriminate against Roma and migrants from African countries who are found sleeping on city streets. The police behaviour towards these groups was described as both “gruesome” and “racist,” and the report has sparked concern at the highest […]

Norway grilled over hate crimes

UPDATED: Just as three Norwegian and British men went on trial Tuesday, accused of hate crimes against two Muslim men in Oslo, Norwegian government minister Solveig Horne was being grilled by a UN committee in Geneva over the country’s failure to better combat such crimes and racism. The trial itself is a result of Norway’s […]

PST blamed for raising fear of Muslims

A former Supreme Court justice claims in a new book that Norway’s justice ministry and politicians allow themselves to be used by the country’s police intelligence unit PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste), to raise fear of Muslims to artificially high levels. Ketil Lund, who retired from the high court in 2009, also once headed a commission appointed by […]