‘Hash baron,’ cop guilty as charged

The largest police scandal in Norway since World War II  reached a dramatic climax on Monday when the Oslo City Court handed down the country’s  toughest punishment, 21 years in prison, to veteran police officer Eirik Jensen. The so-called “hash baron” whom Jensen was convicted of protecting and abetting for years, Gjermund Cappelen, was sentenced to a shorter jail term of 15 […]

Corruption case inspires books, film

As Norway’s biggest narcotics and police corruption case ever entered its seventh week on Monday, not everyone in the courtroom is involved or mere spectators. The so-called “Jensen-Cappelen case” has inspired book publishers, filmmakers and TV production companies to try turning the drama into some form of entertainment. “This is a very exciting case with exciting […]

Police can’t win corruption case

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s landmark and lengthy police corruption case entered its second week behind closed doors on Monday, as testimony turned to names and details that, if made public, can make life dangerous for many involved. It’s one man’s word against another’s, as a veteran police officer fights for his career and reputation, while his already-convicted […]

Trial begins into police corruption

One of Norway’s most sensational court cases ever got underway in Oslo on Monday. Eirik Jensen, former chief of special operations for the Oslo Police District, will be defending himself against corruption and serious drug charges levied by an admitted hash dealer and co-defendant. More than 150 people, including other top police officials, have been called […]

Health minister wants to ease drug policy

Health Minister Bent Høie of the Conservatives would rather see Norway’s public health system take care of drug abusers than the country’s criminal justice system. He’s proposing that fines and jail terms for drug use be replaced with health care and drug rehab programs. People caught using narcotics currently face fines that amounted to NOK 48 […]

Sundby’s appeal branded as ‘useless’

Experienced atheletes’ attorneys told state broadcaster NRK that it’s all but impossible for Norwegian skiing star Martin Johnsrud Sundby to try to get his doping conviction evaluated by the high court in Switzerland. Sundby is so desperate to clear his name, though, that he’s keen to try. Norwegian media was full of stories earlier this week that Sundby […]

Cannabis seizures set new record

State police unit Kripos has reported record seizures of cannabis products so far this year. The seizures totaled 2,534 kilos of hash, marijuana and cannabis plants. “So far in 2016 there have been several seizures amounting to more than 100 kilos of hash,” Karl Frey Solvik, leader of the section for narcotics analysis at Kripos, […]

Supporters rally around stricken skier

Norwegian skiers, Norway’s national skiing federation and even commercial sponsors were supporting multiple-medal-winner Martin Johnsrud Sundby on Thursday, after he was ruled as having illegally using an asthma medicine and stripped of major victories in the 2014-2015 skiing season. Other skiers and sports officials outside Norway weren’t so supportive, even suggesting that Norwegian skiers have received […]

Police nab foreign drunk drivers

Motorists from a total of 59 countries have been stopped and arrested so far this year for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs on Norwegian roads. Drivers from Poland, Lithuania and Sweden topped the statistics. Newspaper Dagsavisen reported that the vast majority of the 4,855 offenders were, naturally enough, Norwegian drivers. They accounted for 3,928 […]

Police crack down on drugs at music festivals

Norwegian police have arrested around 80 people at music festivals during the past week, all of them on charges of narcotics possession. Police think the actual number of music fans combining festivals with drug use is much higher. “There are lots of people at these music festivals, and we can’t be everywhere,” Frank Gran of […]