Speculation swirls as fall election nears

NEWS ANALYSIS: It seems like the most favourite topic in Norwegian media lately is speculation over what Norway’s government will look like after this fall’s parliamentary election. Parties making up the current conservative government coalition are lagging badly in the polls, but the left-center side is divided by conflict and two very different candidates of […]

Labour’s leader denies conflict

Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre has been caught this week in a rising storm around his deputy and potential rival Trond Giske. Støre went on national radio Friday morning to deny allegations of both a power struggle within the party and that Giske is guilty of sexual harassament. Støre and his party have been […]

Triumphant Siv strides ahead

NEWS ANALYSIS: Warnings of an “autumn storm” breaking out in the Norwegian Parliament this week were premature. After a roughly 18-hour workday that began before dawn on Norway’s annual “Budget Day,” Finance Minister Siv Jensen could relish a surprisingly good reception to the state budget proposal for 2018 that she’d presented and defended until late […]

Prime minister more popular than ever

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg seems to be even more popular now than when she effectively won re-election four weeks ago. That’s not directly helping her form a new conservative government coalition, but it gives her a welcome boost. “Så hyggelig (how nice),” responded Solberg after being told that a new public opinion poll conducted […]

It’s ‘official:’ Labour ‘was too unclear’

The Norwegian Labour Party released its official assessment on Monday of what went wrong in their parliamentary election campaign this year, after asking their 55,000 members for their opinions. Just under 10,000 responded, and the consensus blamed a lack of clarity in getting Labour’s message across. “The feedback is mostly that we have been too […]

What happens now: Dealmaking begins

Norway’s Parliament building (Stortinget) will be the scene of some very heavy post-election dealmaking over the next few months. Both the right- and left sides of Norwegian politics will be seeking favour from the small, centrist and newly independent Christian Democrats party, which will likely keep playing hard-to-get in a bid to boost its visibility […]

Hareide bows out, Solberg carries on

Knut Arild Hareide, leader of the Christian Democrats party, has left the fold of Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s conservative government, but Solberg remained upbeat about continuing in her post as head of a minority coalition without them. Hareide has, after all, promised to be “constructive” in Parliament, where his small party can now exploit its […]

Solberg gathers potential partners

Prime Minister Erna Solberg  and Finance Minister Siv Jensen headed into a new round of talks on Wednesday with the leaders of Norway’s two other non-socialist parties, to hash out politics and priorities for another four years of cooperation. All four parties collectively won a majority after the parliamentary election two weeks ago. Now they […]

Labour’s love lost after the election

NEWS ANALYSIS: The fellowship and common purpose claimed by members of Norway’s Labour Party now seem to have been lost along with the parliamentary election. Just two weeks after suffering what some call “catastrophic” election results, a storm of emotion and conflict has erupted among party officials and members, once again testing the leadership of […]

Solberg launches government talks

Prime Minister Erna Solberg invited the leaders of Norway’s three other non-socialist parties to her home Thursday evening, just hours after returning from the UN General Assembly in New York. Solberg brushed any jet lag aside to launch exploratory talks that she hopes will lead to the formation of a new four-party conservative government coalition. […]