‘Arendalsuka wastes taxpayers’ money’

Top politicians, state officials, journalists and not least lobbyists are gathering in the scenic coastal town of Arendal again this week, to see and be seen, and debate major issues of the day. The head of Norway’s Center Party, who normally promotes ventures outside of Oslo, calls it all “a huge waste of taxpayers’ money.” […]

Local mayor dies in boat accident

Members of Norway’s hard-pressed Labour Party were among those in mourning on Thursday, after one of their local mayors was killed in a boat accident during the night. Her partner, who also served as a top local official, was killed as well. Ingrid Aune, the 33-year-old mayor of Malvik just east of Trondheim, and her […]

Union donor wants Center on the left

Norway’s large trade union federation Fagforbundet doesn’t want the Center Party to “flirt” with parties on the non-socialist side of Norwegian politics. Since it’s the party’s biggest single donor, it may well get its way. “We have a clear message to the Center Party,” federation leader Mette Nord told newspaper Klassekampen this week. “It must seek […]

Political ‘D-Day’ tests democracy

NEWS ANALYSIS: “Is Norway still a democracy?” read the headline on a letter to the editor of the country’s biggest newspaper, Aftenposten, this week. It reflected the indignation of Norwegian voters who don’t understand how a small party like the Christian Democrats, voting on their political direction on Friday, could actually threaten to bring down […]

Labour sinks into a post-election ‘crisis’

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Norwegian Labour Party and especially its embattled leader, Jonas Gahr Støre, have been clobbered by yet another rash of terrible poll results. They show how Labour voters are still fleeing to other parties, that Støre is far from favoured as a prime minister candidate and now, that less than half of Labour’s […]

Voter turnout hit nearly 80 percent

Norwegians tend to take their elections very seriously, as evidenced by voter turnout of 78.2 percent in last Monday’s parliamentary election. That’s exactly the same turnout as in the country’s parliamentary election four years ago.  The latest numbers from the state elections directorate show that 2,945,473 ballots were cast on Monday, up by nearly 100,000 from the 2,848,903 […]

Thousands excluded from Election Day

It was pouring rain in Oslo and many other Norwegian cities on Election Day Monday. That was at least some consolation, perhaps, for the thousands of permanent Norwegian residents over the age of 18 who couldn’t brave the bad weather and troop to the polls anyway, because they’re not eligible to vote. Newspaper Aftenposten reported recently […]

Labour mobilizes to stem its slide

Around 65,000 households in Oslo’s east-side district of Groruddalen alone can expect Labour Party promoters to knock on their doors over the next week. The party is mobilizing its troops all over the country in a desperate effort to ward off their potentially worst election result in years. Labour’s candidate for prime minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, […]

Liberals’ leader won’t bow out

Commentators were all but writing her political obituary before Trine Skei Grande rallied her troops in the Liberal Party over the weekend. Her party faces dismal standings in the polls and she’s been under fire herself, but she denied she was exhausted, rejected speculation that her days as leader of the troubled Liberal Party were over, and vowed to […]

Labour downplays EU membership

Norway’s Labour Party, which has long favoured membership in the European Union (EU), has struck a more neutral tone in its new party program rolled out this week. Labour’s leader, Jonas Gahr Støre, claims it’s only a sign of adapting to the times. The party, though, has been reaching out to centrist parties in the hopes of forming […]