Support rises for lower voting age

A special commission representing all parties in Parliament is winning support for its proposal to lower Norway’s voting age to 16. The commission also proposes maintaining the country’s 19 voting districts despite regional reform that cut the number of counties to 11. “We’re building on the belief that most things are fine as they are,” […]

Parliament prefers Bernie over Trump

Bernie Sanders is the favourite US presidential candidate among Norway’s Members of Parliament, according to a new survey by newspaper Klassekampen. Sanders has the highest number of fans among Norwegian MPs, most of them representing left-wing parties, but none in the right-wing Progress Party: eight of their MPs were the only ones to favour the […]

Poll shows a ‘new political reality’

NEWS ANALYSIS: “Prime Minister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum? Get used to the thought.” That was just one political commentator’s response after results of a new public opinion poll show Vedum’s Center Party as bigger than the currently ruling Conservatives and breathing down the neck of the Labour Party. That’s created what a leading election analyst calls […]

Solberg struggles to retain authority

NEWS ANALYSIS: Last week she was speaking at the United Nations and rubbing elbows with other prime ministers and presidents from around the world. This week, back home in Norway, Erna Solberg was branded just before the formal opening of Parliament on Wednesday as a government leader without authority. Just keeping her government together will […]

Labour braces for new climate battle

Norway’s troubled Labour Party was licking its post-election wounds this week and bracing for the big new climate battle that lies ahead. The party remains split, as its youth organization calls for a halt to all new oil and gas exploration while its trade union confederations want to keep pumping up oil for as long […]

Chaos reigns over election results

Political chaos and uncertainty have replaced what seemed to have been clear victories for several government coalitions in cities all over Norway, not least in Oslo. Tough deal-making and political horse-trading can alter the initially perceived results of last week’s local election, as voters’ angry green tidal wave recedes. Negotiations for political control of Norwegian […]

Embattled Liberals come out swinging

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s small but feisty Liberal Party (Venstre) is delivering punches in all directions after losing even more voters in last week’s local elections. Leading the assault is Liberal MP Abid Raja, who’s lashed out at a government coalition partner and now even Prime Minister Erna Solberg, while some of his colleagues are challenging the party’s […]

Greens ran steering parties off the road

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s triumphant Greens Party (MDG) is suddenly posing a huge new challenge to the country’s two largest parties that have steered Norwegian government for years. As the chastened leaders of Labour and the Conservatives digest their heavy losses in this week’s local elections, both are being advised to take voters’ frustrations and climate concerns […]

Støre flew most, Greens least

Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre logged the most flight miles during the recent local election campaigns around Norway while the Greens flew least of party leaders reporting their trips. Prime Minister Erna Solberg wouldn’t reveal how much she’s flown since the campaign kicked off officially in August. Even though only local officials were up […]

High voter turnout sends a message

Norwegians cast ballots in Monday’s local elections at a rate not seen for 28 years. Early and absentee voting also set new records, illustrating just how motivated Norwegians were to influence policy and set off the political change that the elections brought. The state elections directorate reported Tuesday that preliminary numbers indicate voter turnout of […]