Taliban moves into Norway’s embassy

Nearly 60 members of the Taliban have moved into Norway’s and Denmark’s embassy complex in Kabul, after it was evacuated and closed in mid-August. They allowed a reporter and photographer from Oslo-based newspaper Aftenposten to visit, however, and promised they were simply “taking care” of the embassy at present. “This area still belongs to your […]

Norway closing its embassy in Kabul

Norway joined other western allies late Friday afternoon in announcing closure of their embassies in Afghanistan, at least temporarily. The announcement came after the Islamic extremist group Taliban has conquered large portions of the country since the US and NATO started pulling out after 20 years of unsuccessfully trying to stabilize it. “We hoped for […]

Russia retaliates in espionage case

Norway’s foreign ministry confirmed on Friday that one of its diplomats in Moscow is being expelled from Russia, after Norway expelled a Russian diplomat last week. The retaliation was not unexpected as both countries accuse the other of spying. Jan Flæte, who carried the title of ambassaderåd at Norway’s embassy in Moscow, is being declared […]

Man admits selling state info to Russia

Norway’s police intelligence agency PST has charged a Norwegian man in his 50s with espionage after arresting him in an Oslo restaurant over the weekend. He has since admitted selling information to Russian agents that PST considers to be state secrets.  State broadcaster NRK reported Monday night that the man, an employee of Oslo-based classification […]

Trump sends new envoy to Norway

Just five months before he’s up for re-election, US President Donald Trump has nominated a new ambassador to Norway. A local politician from the State of Georgia, J Mark Burkhalter, is due to replace Kenneth J Braithwaite who’s held the post for two years. Braithwaite, a retired rear admiral in the US Navy, arrived in […]

Russian diplomats tied to spy agency

Three diplomats at the Russian Embassy in Oslo were identified by newspaper Aftenposten on Wednesday as having ties to Russia’s military intelligence agency known as GRU. It’s been accused of murder and poisonings in addition to spying, while Norway’s own police intelligence agency PST claims the “real number” of intelligence agents operating in Norway “is much […]

PST scolded for registering MPs

Norway’s police intelligence agency PST has been officially criticized for registering Members of Parliament (MPs) simply because they also were members of various parliamentary groups aimed at promoting friendship with specific countries. Now the MPs themselves are being urged to be more open about the friendship groups and their membership lists. Newspaper VG reported this […]

US ambassador to leave amid drama

Less than two weeks after the US Secretary of the Navy, Richard V Spencer, was in Norway to visit top Norwegian officials, he finds himself being replaced by the US ambassador to Norway who’d been his local host. Spencer is among the latest to effectively be fired by US President Donald Trump, who then tapped […]

Police unprepared for weekend riot

The US Embassy had managed to warn its own citizens in Oslo of potentially violent demonstrations outside the Turkish Embassy on Saturday. Local police, however, failed to do the same, and ended up admitting on Sunday that they were not prepared for how demonstrations by two groups in conflict with one another quickly escalated into […]

Embassy car in fatal crash

A car belonging to the Russian Embassy in Oslo crashed into the metal railings of a tram stop in the Norwegian capital’s Frogner/Skillebekk district late Wednesday night. One of the two people in the car was killed, while the other injured. Oslo police were reluctant to detail circumstances surrounding crash, which occurred shortly after midnight […]