Two arrested after shootings in Oslo

A 22-year-old man was arrested on Sunday, charged with exaggerated negligence with a firearm. Police tied him to Oslo’s latest shooting incident at Ensjø that narrowly avoided wounding members of a family with small children, while a 19-year-old has been arrested for another shooting at Sagene in Oslo. Police were’t ruling out more arrests as […]

Police seize huge amounts of cannabis

Norway’s state police unit Kripos announced the arrests on Friday of nine people and the seizure of as much as 700 kilos of cannabis. Criminal gangs in Oslo have been tied to the smuggling network that brought the illegal cannabis into the country. Kripos chief Ketil Haukaas said at a press conference Friday morning that […]

Youth crime wave sparks response

Norway’s capital has been the scene of several alarming incidents of violent crimes this spring, carried out by teenagers as young as 14. The crime wave, which can involve gangs, is cresting even before the summer holidays set in, putting police and politicians on the defense. City government officials declared last week that they’ve earmarked […]

Rash of car fires sparks major probe

A police helicopter flew over Oslo during the night after eight more cars burst into flames around the city’s east side. Car fires, which also have blazed in Swedish cities, have spread to Norway and may be tied to earlier bursts of vandalism and violence against emergency crews. “We are putting a lot of resources […]

More unrest hits Oslo neighbourhoods

Emergency crews in Oslo were called out several times during the night after reports that three cars were found ablaze in the Vestli district of Oslo. Police believe the fires were intentionally set, and won’t rule out connections to earlier youth violence in the same area, and at nearby Stovner. Police were called out at […]

Violent youth gang attacks police

Oslo police spent three nights in a row during the long holiday weekend dealing with violent teenagers on the city’s east side. On Monday came reports of a car being set on fire and a fire set on the grounds of a local day care center. “Both fires were reported during the night,” Cathrine Sylju, operations leader […]

Four arrested in restaurant shooting

Four men were in custody on Sunday after what police described as a clash of rival gangs that involved several shots being fired into a popular Oslo restaurant. Two of the men were allegedly attacked with a knife. Shocked patrons of the Mona Lisa restaurant on Grensen in downtown Oslo told newspaper VG that they were inside dancing […]

Oslo: Scandinavia’s ‘robbery capital’

Police in Oslo have registered 58 reports of robbery so far in November, making Oslo the so-called “robbery capital” of Scandinavia. With the sons of immigrants behind most of the robberies reported all over town, Prime Minister Erna Solberg called on immigrant parents to crack down on their kids. “It looks like young gang members […]

Police warn of rising gang violence

As Norway moves into summer, gang-related violence is on the rise in the capital. Tension is so high between Oslo’s rival gangs, police warn, that armed battles can break out at any time. Police worry that Oslo’s gang culture has become more widespread and more complex. Newspaper Aftenposten reported on Tuesday that gang battles motivated […]