Handball men happy with bronze medal

Norway’s national men’s handball team rebounded to win their first medal at the European Championships in Stockholm over the weekend. They all seemed to agree the bronze was a good consolation prize after failing to get into the finals. Norway’s narrow loss to Croatia in a dramatic match on Friday had plunged them into despair, […]

Handball drama all around

Swedish organizers of the European Championships in men’s handball lost a Scandinavian advantage for ticket sales when only Norway made it into the semi-finals this weekend. They hoped Norwegian handball fans would boost demand, but then Norway lost its chance to win its first Euro gold ever. Norway’s 28-29 loss to Croatia on Friday came […]

Handball team comes home in tears

Norway’s frustrated and humbled women’s handball team had to travel home to Norway with “nothing in their baggage,” as their coach said, in the form of a medal. They’d been favoured to win the world handball championships in Japan, but wound up in fourth place. Norway’s 33-28 loss to Russia was the final humiliation on […]

Handball team loses at world championships

Spain was too strong for Norway on Friday, knocking the Norwegian women’s handball team out of the final battle for the world handball championship in Japan. That shattered the Norwegians’ dream of championship gold, and automatic qualification for the Olympics. The latter dream remains alive but the Norwegians were totally upset by their 22-28 loss against […]

Netherlands upsets Norway in Japan

Norway’s national women’s handball team had hoped to soar undefeated into the next round of action at the World Championships in Japan. Instead they were upset by the Netherlands, which finally beat Norway for the first time in 20 years. Norway had defeated all the other three teams in their group, most recently Angola, by […]

Handball team off to great start

Norway’s women’s handball team made a strong opening at the World Championships in Japan this weekend, and scored another victory on Monday. The team that’s become part of the national heritage in Norway utterly trounced both of their opponents. On Saturday they rolled over Cuba with a score of 47 to 16. On Monday they […]

Handball team in ‘crisis’

One of Norway’s top professional handball teams is in financial crisis, with all payments halted to employees and players, who in turn have been released from their contracts. “We can’t operation the club with the costs we have today,” the manager of Larvik Håndballklubb told state broadcaster NRK. Newspaper Østlands-Posten had already reported how players and […]

Beating Sweden cheered handball team

Norway’s women’s handball team ended up in fifth place at the European Championships, after beating Sweden by a score of 38-29. Now the team that’s highly popular in Norway intends to regroup and come back stronger in the World Championships in Japan next year. The victory over Sweden helped ease the pain of not making […]

Handball team’s Euro dream bursts

Norway’s popular women’s handball team has failed to make it into the finals of the European Championships. It’s the first time in 18 years that the so-called “handball girls” lost their chance to win any medals in the important tournament. Losses in the first round of play for Norway’s group, which included Romania, Germany and […]

‘Nightmare’ handball loss to Romania

Norway’s once nearly unbeatable women’s handball team was all but crushed by their rivals from Romania in the European Championships in Brest, France on Wednesday night. Fans back home were worrying on Thursday whether their team would make it into the semi-finals. The popular so-called håndball jentene (handball girls) lost by a shocking eight points […]