Old firing range returned to the wild

A huge portion of Norway’s scenic and iconic Dovre Mountain plateau has been returned to its natural state, more than 20 years after the Norwegian Parliament decided to shut down a military firing range at the site. Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts still aren’t entirely welcome though, out of consideration to the wild reindeer also returning […]

Not even hytte holidays allowed

The Norwegian government was stepping up its battle against the Corona virus this weekend in a manner that may bother Norwegians the most: banning getaways to their own beloved hytte (holiday cabin). Both state and local officials want Norwegians to just stay home, and not put others at risk. State broadcaster NRK reported that the […]

‘Hytte’ dream stirs climate nightmare

Hundreds of thousands of Norwegians have celebrated the New Year at the family hytte (holiday cabin) in the mountains. Concerns are rising, however, that ongoing construction to fulfill dreams of hytte ownership is chipping away at Norway’s unspoiled nature, and generating more carbon emissions because of all the driving back and forth. Hytte-skam (cabin shame) is […]

Man survived avalanche near Trollfjord

A 50-year-old man who’s been a mountain guide for Queen Sonja survived an hour-and-a-half buried under the snow on Sunday, after an avalanche crashed down on a group of highly experienced outdoor enthusiasts. The group of nine were snowshoeing their way down a recommended winter trail on the border between Lofoten and Vesterålen when the […]

Snow warnings posted in the mountains

Unusually mild weather and rain was abruptly giving way to colder temperatures and even snow in both Northern- and Southern Norway this week. State highway officials were warning motorists not to drive into or over the mountains unless their vehicles are already equipped with winter tires. That’s often not necessary until November, but as much […]

Mountain finally crashes down

The most worrisome portion of Norway’s highly unstable mountain, Mannen in Romsdalen, finally came crashing down to the valley below Thursday night. State broadcaster NRK captured the massive rockslide while local residents and geologists celebrated, after five years of steady alarms and frequent evacuations. “Nå skjer det! (Now it’s happening!)” Thrilled spectators could be heard […]

Mountain’s rumbling forces new evacuation

Just days after being allowed to return home, Norwegians living at the foot of the country’s most unstable mountain Mannen had to pack up and leave again. State authorities ordered a new evacuation after fearing a new landslide. The national agency monitoring the mountain (NVE) raised the danger level back up to rødt (red) on […]

Royals headed for the hills

King Harald and Queen Sonja are among the hundreds of thousands of Norwegians who’ve traveled to higher elevations to spend the Easter holidays in the mountains. The royals have their own family cabin known as Prinsehytta in Sikkilsdalen, in the mountains just west of Gudbrandsdalen. “Sikkilsdalen is very important for us,” King Harald said during […]

Musk ox shot in Dovre

Seven of Norway’s Arctic musk ox that wander around the mountains of Dovre were shot in a single day this week, part of an effort to reduce the herd by up to 20. Wildlife authorities claim the goal is to ward off “conflicts” within the herds and between the musk ox and people. County officials […]

Hopes fade for finding missing woman

After five days of intense searching in the mountains around Ørsta in Sunnmøre, police and rescue crews were losing hopes of finding 25-year-old Maya Justyna Herner alive. The young woman from Poland failed to return from what was supposed to be a short hike last Wednesday. Search and rescue crews resumed their efforts Sunday morning, […]