‘Outsider king’ remains readers’ darling

Author Ingvar Ambjørnsen has been called a king of outsiders, skillfully governing his expanding world of less fortunate, downtrodden characters through a writing career that spans four decades. Now he’s back with the most successful outsider of them all: A lonely, reclusive, neurotic, opinionated, detail-obsessed fellow by the name of Elling, who now is having […]

Police seize huge amounts of cannabis

Norway’s state police unit Kripos announced the arrests on Friday of nine people and the seizure of as much as 700 kilos of cannabis. Criminal gangs in Oslo have been tied to the smuggling network that brought the illegal cannabis into the country. Kripos chief Ketil Haukaas said at a press conference Friday morning that […]

Cannabis seizures set new record

State police unit Kripos has reported record seizures of cannabis products so far this year. The seizures totaled 2,534 kilos of hash, marijuana and cannabis plants. “So far in 2016 there have been several seizures amounting to more than 100 kilos of hash,” Karl Frey Solvik, leader of the section for narcotics analysis at Kripos, […]

Hail and farewell to Professor Christie

Nils Christie, a highly regarded and outspoken professor who ushered in major reforms of criminal law, was laid to rest Wednesday in a ceremony that coincided with sirens blaring from a civil defense exercise, followed by music for reflection. Newspaper Dagsavisen described it all as rather symbolic of the man in question. Christie, professor emeritus of […]

22 arrested in drug raids

By the time police had completed a major, coordinated drug raid on Thursday, 22 people were under arrest including 17 men and five women aged 17 to 65. The police swept down on more than 40 addresses in Oslo, mostly in the Kampen, Tøyen and Ensjø districts on the city’s east side. Several of those […]

Police bust drug ring involving children

Police in Oslo arrested and charged 18 people on Tuesday in connection with drug dealing in residential areas. Police said those charged had “cynically exploited” children and youth under age 18, even their own. “Some mothers have had small children with them when they bought hash,” Kåre Stølen, chief of the Grønland Police Station in […]

Appeals court upholds Hells Angels convictions

An appeals court in Northern Norway declared seven out of eight convicts tied to  the Hells Angels motorcycle club in Norway guilty as charged after being prosecuted for narcotics violations as part of an organized crime unit. The case has marked the first time that Norwegian police and prosecutors have won convictions using a so-called […]

Mafia law snares Hells Angels bikers

A Norwegian court has convicted eight individuals tied to the Hells Angels motorcycle club on narcotics charges, using, for the first time, Norway’s so-called “mafia paragraph” in the law. It went on the books in 2003 as a means of fighting organized crime. The club itself wasn’t charged in the case that ran for six […]

Men tied to Hells Angels go on trial

The largest narcotics trial in the history of northern Norway got underway in Tromsø this week, with all eight defendants linked to the motorcycle club Hells Angels. Club spokesman Ove Høyland, however, is among the defendants denying any connections to a major drug seizure that prosecutors charge is part of organized narcotics trafficking from Oslo […]

Customs seizes a record haul

Customs officials made a record number of seizures last year involving drugs, alcohol and cigarettes that were smuggled into Norway. Smuggling remains an enormous challenge, though, and police worry that up to 15 tons of hashish alone still gets into the country every year. Official seizures amounted to around 100 a day, with a tenth […]