Sports bosses paid millions for PR

The men who’ve recently been running Norway’s national athletics federation paid out nearly NOK 5 million in just a few months to drum up public support for their unpopular efforts to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in Oslo. Two of the sports leaders have either quit or resigned under pressure. Their willingness to spend the […]

Youth Olympics’ success rekindled a flame

The Youth Olympics held in Lillehammer last week closed on Sunday, and was widely viewed as a big success. That’s prompted some sports fans to rekindle hopes for another full-scale Winter Olympics, while others seem intent on blowing out any new flame. Even before the Olympic flame was extinguished Sunday evening, the Norwegian member of the […]

Lillehammer ready for Youth Olympics

Known for hosting what’s widely known as “the best Winter Olympics ever” in 1994, the Norwegian city of Lillehammer was ready to start hosting another youthful version beginning this weekend. While Oslo voted against hosting another full-scale Olympics in 2022, more than a thousand young athletes from 70 nations have gathered in and around Lillehammer […]

Reaction muted over Beijing Olympics

Norwegian sports officials congratulated their counterparts in Beijing after the Chinese capital was named to host the Winter Olympics in 2022, but there there was little enthusiasm among athletes and sports fans. The lack of snow and any strong winter sports culture in Beijing raised questions, as did China’s poor track record on human rights. […]

Criticism flies over failed Olympic bid

Norwegian sports and city officials did a bad job of fronting their failed bid to host the Winter Olympics in 2022 and have themselves to blame for its lack of public support, according to a new report on the expensive Olympic project. The report suggests that the country’s powerful athletic lobby also needs to become more professional […]

Ex-OL boss rises from the sewers

Eli Grimsby, who led the failed effort to win support for a Winter Olympics in Oslo, won’t be returning to her old job working in the city’s water and sewer department after all. She and 15 other former “Oslo2022” staffers have secured new jobs, working to see that some of the Olympic sports venues get built anyway. “I […]

Olympic booster calls it quits

Børre Rognlien, president of Norway’s national athletics federation and the Norwegian Olympic Committee, says he won’t stand for re-election when his term ends next year. Not only did his effort to mount a Winter Olympics in Oslo fail, but he also received death threats for trying. Newspaper Aftenposten reported that Rognlien, age 69, said he […]

IOC blamed for killing OL spirit

“Absurd” demands made by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) were catching most of the blame on Thursday for the decision by top Norwegian politicians to end Oslo’s bid to host the Winter Olympics, locally called “OL,” in 2022.  The IOC’s demands and perceived arrogance are believed to have played a bigger role in fueling public opposition to […]

Ruling party says ‘NO’ to Olympics

After three years of public debate and three hours of “long and good” discussions amongst themselves, Members of Parliament from the ruling Conservative Party voted against supporting a state financial guarantee for a Winter Olympics in Oslo in 2022. That effectively kills off the controversial and expensive plans by the City of Oslo to host the huge sporting event. […]

Solberg caught in Olympic battle

The heated debate over whether Oslo should bid to host the Winter Olympics in 2022 has created an Olympic-sized headache for Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Her government must decide whether to offer the needed state financial guarantee for the huge sporting event, and risks infuriating voters if she ignores strong public opposition. Solberg’s party, the Conservatives […]