State starts urging crisis preparation

Severe storms and greater potential for other calamities are prompting new campaigns that will urge Norwegians to be better prepared for a crisis. Everyone should be able to get by without electricity for at least 72 hours, claim state and local officials, with brochures full of advisories set to be distributed to households in Oslo […]

PST wants police to always be armed

UPDATED: Norway’s civilian police intelligence unit PST has, for the first time, gone public in recommending that Norwegian police be armed at all times. PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste) thinks a state commission that advised against permanent arming last spring had an “imprecise” picture of today’s terror threats. Norway’s justice minister has now followed up by ordering […]

Oslo uses flowers against terrorists

City work crews in Oslo were busy during the night, setting up more heavy flower- and planter boxes along the main boulevard running through the heart of town. The goal is to prevent any terrorists from trying to drive down Karl Johans gate, most of which already is set aside for pedestrians only. The planter […]

Police, military carry out major anti-terror exercise

Around 900 police and military personnel were taking part in a major anti-terror exercise in Oslo and the southern Agder counties early this week. More police than usual were due on the streets in downtown Oslo, and helicopters were likely to fly overhead. Several ministries and civilian partners were also involved in the exercise. “Our […]

‘Norway is not prepared for terror’

Retired Norwegian general Robert Mood is openly defying recent claims by Justice Minister Per-Willy Amundsen that Norway “has never been better prepared” for a terrorist attack. Norway still suffers “major weaknesses” in its civilian security and preparedness, claims Mood, who thinks they’re linked to either system failure or “a serious failure to take responsibility” at the […]

Islamists and Russia pose biggest threat

In a chilling return to Cold War rhetoric, the head of Norway’s police inteligence unit PST declared on Wednesday that Russia has the intention and ability to greatly damage Norway and Norwegian interests. Islamic extremists, however, are still considered the biggest threat. In her annual assessment of the threats facing Norway, the chief of PST (Politiets […]

France attacked as Oslo recalls its own

Prime Minister Erna Solberg has expressed shock and deep sympathy for “all the people of France” following the attack in Nice by a lone terrorist who’d been living in the city. The attack occurred, Solberg noted, just as Norway is about to remember one of its own resident’s attacks on Oslo and the island of Utøya, […]

PST expelled terror suspect

Norway’s police intelligence unit PST has revealed that it expelled a suspected terrorist from Norway last year, believing the suspect intended to carry out an attack within Norway’s borders. In its annual assessment of threats against Norway, PST otherwise thinks the chances for a serious attack have declined. Justice Minister Anders Anundsen, responsible for PST (Politiets Sikkerhetstjeneste), […]

Anti-terror exercise pointed up trouble

Another anti-terror exercise aimed at testing Norway’s preparedness has revealed ongoing coordination problems between the military and the police. One terror researcher at the University of Bergen said the problems almost seem insurmountable. “I was a bit suprised that it (the exercise) went as badly as it did,” said Kjetil Stormark, leader and editor of the […]

Solberg to name new security chief

Prime Minister Erna Solberg aims to improve Norway’s security and preparedness by setting up an entirely new national security entity within her office, staffed by experts from the military, the justice ministry and the foreign ministry. A new security chief is set to be named this fall. “We have seen the need for better coordination of the […]