Pride flags torn down, replaced

Norway has generally embraced Pride events and celebrations, and their characteristic rainbow flags are flying in many more places than normal this June. Not everyone is happy about that, though, given the flags that have been torn down from schools and even private residences. This is the first year that the Pride flag is waving […]

Pride Parade draws record turnout

Oslo Police estimated that aound 50,000 people marched in Oslo’s Pride Parade on Saturday while another 275,000 spectators lined the streets, setting a new record. One local comedian and activist Else Kåss Furuseth equated the event to  “the 17th of May on steroids.” Rainbow flags, colourful costumes, music and dance filled the streets after the […]

Pride spread all over the country

As thousands of people gathered in Oslo this weekend to round off annual “Oslo Pride” celebrations, many more were also assembling in smaller cities and even bygder (villages) around the country. It’s finally acceptable for people of all sexual orientation to show their pride in who they are. Today’s Oslo Pride began as Homodagene (literally, The […]

Police apologize for harassing gays

Norwegian police announced on Wednesday that they plan to officially apologize for unfair treatment and even harassment of homosexuals in earlier years. The police also apologized for having sparked fear among some gays and lesbians. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that the police have been planning to gather employees, students at the police academy and invited […]

‘Norway still needs Pride and parades’

NEWS ANALYSIS: This year’s Pride Parade in Oslo was the biggest ever, attracting an estimated 40,000 marchers and 200,000 spectators during the weekend. It was led by government ministers and the city’s mayor, to send official messages of tolerance and inclusion that are perhaps more needed now than ever before. Newspaper Aftenposten, for example, editorialized […]

Pride wins over shame in Norway

The tens of thousands of cheering marchers and spectators who turned out over the weekend for Oslo’s annual Pride Parade illustrated a fundamental change in Norwegian society. Attitudes towards sexual preference have become far more tolerant and supportive just in the past two decades, but experts warn that the battle for full acceptance isn’t over yet. That’s probably […]

Norwegian parents positive to gay kids

As Norwegian towns and cities geared up for Pride celebrations this weekend comes news that the vast majority of Norwegian parents wouldn’t get upset if their child came out as gay, lesbian or bisexual. Fully 80 percent claimed in a new survey that they’d be either positive or indifferent to their child’s homosexuality. Newspaper Dagsavisen reported […]