Strike over, buses roll from noon

Norway’s 10-day-long bus strike ended Thursday morning, after an all-night bargaining session during which the bus companies doubled their original offer. That addressed the bus drivers’ longstanding demands for higher pay, and buses were set to begin rolling again from noon. Leaders of all four trade union federations were mostly satisfied, and they thanked the […]

Mediator seeks bus strike settlement

State Mediator Mats Ruland has called in all parties involved in Norway’s nationwide bus strike to a meeting on Wednesday. Ruland hopes to spark dialogue between the unions and the bus operators’ national employers’ organization. Ruland told state broadcaster NRK that Norway’s rising Corona infection rates are among the reasons he wants to try getting […]

Passengers adapt to the bus strike

Local government and business officials were braced for traffic chaos on Monday, after a bus strike that began in Oslo expanded nationwide. Passengers found other ways of getting around, however, with no strike settlement in sight. A total of 8,500 bus drivers are now on strike in all but two counties of Norway. Bus commuters […]

Bus strike spreads all over Norway

More than 8,000 bus drivers are now on strike from Finnmark in the north to Oslo in the south. The strike that began in the greater metropolitan Oslo area last week spread over the weekend, with the drivers demanding salaries that would bring them closer up to what other industrial colleagues earn. “The bus drivers […]